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Start your entrepreneur journey with Businefy School. Beginning on September 4th, 2021

Start your business today. Join the 4 weeks entrepreneur school to learn how to do it. Learn about customer dev., sales, branding, etc.

About Businefy:

Businefy is the entrepreneur school, designed by JCI New York City, to guide young entrepreneurs in their endeavor to build a sustainable and successful business.

At Businefy, founders go through a meticulous structure and training, held by experts and mentors that work in the industry. By the end of the program, they will be ready to pitch their business in front of potential investors. The trainings will cover a wide range of topics, starting with market research, continuing through branding, marketing, finances, sales, recruiting, and pitching.

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Saturday, 10 AM ET, September 4, 2021

Opening - Meet the instructors and your fellow participants, learn about the agenda

Saturday, 10 AM ET, September 4, 2021

Ideation - Learn how to find a feasible idea and how to build a Design Thinking process

Saturday, 11 AM ET, September 4, 2021

Customer Development - Learn how to identify and talk to your customers, understand their needs and solutions you want to build

Saturday, 10 AM ET, September 11, 2021

Branding - Lean how to choose a proper name and colors for your new business and how to design and use corporate identity

Saturday, 11 AM ET, September 11, 2021

Business Models - Learn about how to charge your customers and how you are going to make a profit

Saturday, 10 AM ET, September 18, 2021

Sales - Learn how to find your customers and how to sell your solution to them

Saturday, 11 AM ET, September 18, 2021

Legal - Learn about all the legal aspects of starting a business and how to stay compliant

Saturday, 10 AM ET, September 25, 2021

Funding - Learn about funding opportunities for your business and raising capital

Saturday, 11 AM ET, September 25, 2021

Pitching - Learn how to present and pitch your idea to potential investors, partners, or even strategic customers, master the pitchdeck

Saturday, 10 AM ET, October 2, 2021

Graduation - Present your business idea in front of our guests, mentors and potential partners, and investors. Celebrate your courageous initiative to start a business!

Throughout the entire program:

Mentorship one-to-one - Connect with our mentors any time you have a question about the sessions or regarding your business

Working Groups - Meet with participants and entrepreneurs like you and discuss and help each other with what challenges you have starting a business

About JCI New York City:

JCI New York City is part of a leading global network of active young professionals with over 120,000 active members around the world. Since its inception, 105 years ago, 11 million young people have volunteered and worked to positively impact their community and the world. Following the model “one year to lead,” the organization creates leaders for a changing world.

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