Noticias — January 01, 2000

Barcelona Congress Theme Days

MONDAY—EURO DAY Trade Show transactions were conducted in euros. The Organizing Committee worked with representatives of the European Central Bank to try the euro out as the single currency at the Trade Show. Parallel to the business ac
MONDAY—EURO DAY Trade Show transactions were conducted in euros. The Organizing Committee worked with representatives of the European Central Bank to try the euro out as the single currency at the Trade Show. Parallel to the business activity, a series of seminars and training courses on the euro took place. An officer of the European Central Bank addressed implementation of the euro as the single European currency. This seminars helped inform young business people of the radical currency changes coming January 1, 2002, when 50 billion new coins and US$ 14.5 billion banknotes worth $US 578 billion will be pumped into circulation from 12 national currencies converting to the euro. Junior Chamber members learned how to avoid the dangers of con artists and thieves during EU’s currency switch, and the even more difficult phase of collecting cash in 12 different currencies from around the world and returning it to the central banks of each nation. A special World Junior Chamber Currencies exhibition commemorated the disappearance of several European currencies, which will be substituted by the euro in January 2002. The objective of the exhibition was to show not only the currencies that will disappear, but also all the currencies from JCI member countries. All delegations were asked to donate bills and coins to the exhibition. TUESDAY—SPORTS DAY The 1992 Olympic games, successfully hosted by Barcelona, were commemorated during Sports Day. National delegations participated in sport competitions and visited the famous Barcelona's Football Club Stadium, Camp Nou, and its museum. Sports Day ended with an Olympic Party, where all LOMs or NOMs that ever hosted an Olympiad had the chance to set up a stand. Mini-Football Tournament ************************************************************ A mini-football tournament was organized to promote goodwill among fellow Junior Chamber members. This unique event was held on the playgrounds of one of the world’s most famous soccer clubs, FC Barcelona or Bar?a. It offered members an exhilarating opportunity to get some fresh air and to really show that entrepreneurs can be active and competitive. Of course, as for the Olympic games, it was more important to participate than to win. Barcelona officials offered their installations for the JCI mini football tournament. Delegates eagerly tested their skills and teamwork at the Bar?a facilities to determine what teams would be best in the world. In the final championship game, France won over Catalonia by a close 7–6. Gymkhana ************************************************************ Close to the conference center is the Montjuic Mountain, where the most important Olympic facilities—the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Swimming Pool and the Palau San Jordi—are located. In the central area, surrounded by these facilities, is the Gymkhana. It was a splendid location to test competitors’ physical prowess as well as their knowledge of Barcelona and the Olympic games. Gymkhana Trials ************************************************************ Using the Olympic Flag, five groups of tests, each with various obstacles, were organized for team competition. The trials were designed around the central theme of the Olympic City of Barcelona. Using the colors of the Olympic Flag as a guideline, the themes were “Mediterranean” (Blue), “Barcelona’s culture” (Yellow), “Traditions and history” (Black), “Olympic Games” (Green) and “Catalonia” (Red). Mediterranean ************************************************************ One of the most important Mediterranean Spanish dishes is the Paella. Participants had to bring its ingredients from one side of a field to the paella (the pan) on the other side, while passing few obstacles. Barcelona’s culture ************************************************************ The city of Barcelona is full of culture, not only from the past but also preparing the future. The trial highlighted these cultural aspects. Traditions and history ************************************************************ Using “zancos,” the traditional way of being high up, participants had to collect several items and cross hurdles to reach the finish. Olympic Games ************************************************************ Contestants had to run a relay race and bring to the finish an olive tree branch, a Greek tunic and other items related to the 1992 Barcelona Games. Catalonia ************************************************************ Dancing a “Sardana,” tasting the food, building a human tower… these are a few examples of the Catalonian way of living, which the contestants were asked to experience. WEDNESDAY—NEW TECHNOLOGY DAY Internet access was the focus as an important aspect of the Trade Show. THURSDAY—BUSINESS DAY There was a round table with Presidents from national Chambers of Commerce, as well as representatives from factories and businesses. FRIDAY—CULTURE DAY A Round Table of artists, writers, painters, architects, etc.—as well as tours of Barcelona to discover its cultural treasures—took place.
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