Noticias — December 19, 2012

The Global Network at Work on JCI Active Citizen Day

From the United States to the United Kingdom to Zimbabwe, JCI members around the world celebrated the spirit of Active Citizenship through community projects on December 11, 2012.

JCI Belgium Welcomes 2013

At this exciting year-end event, members from all JCI Belgium Local Organizations gathered with JCI Belgium Senators, Foundation members and other JCI Belgium alumni to celebrate a year of positive change. This meeting allowed them to reflect on the sustainable solutions they have provided in their communities and look forward to continuing this action in 2013. Special guest entrepreneur and international business owner Marc Van Overstraeten delivered an inspiring keynote speech. His message about how hard work and dedication can bring much success in the business world inspired members to think critically about the impact they can make in the coming year. Sponsored by Volvo, this event keeps JCI Belgium members united and moving toward one common goal for the future. 

JCI Zimbabwe Improves the Environment

In Africa, JCI Zimbabwe members got their hands dirty to protect the environment on JCI Active Citizen Day. Coming together for this important cause, they used hand shovels to plant 1,000 trees. Working together in groups, members developed teamwork skills while improving their local community and encouraging other young active citizens to help ensure environmental sustainability for generations to come. 


JCI United Kingdom Honored for their Actions

Just one day after celebrating JCI Active Citizen Day, JCI UK received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award for 2012. This is the highest standard of recognition given to service groups across the UK. Being one of only 60 organizations to receive this award truly showcases the importance of JCI UK’s commitment to finding measurable, attainable solutions to community challenges. Two recent projects recognized by this award include a training and apprenticeship academy for young people in Southampton and raising awareness and funds for a Sheffield-based homeless charity, the Cathedral Archer Project. 


“Our members give their time to make a real difference in the communities in which they live and gain valuable skills and experience along the way,” said 2012 JCI UK National President Solveig Malvik. 


A small number of JCI UK members will travel to Buckingham Palace to attend a reception for the Queen’s Diamond Volunteering Award in early 2013. 


JCI World Headquarters Hosts the 2012 JCI Presidential Handover

2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems met with 2013 JCI President-Elect Chiara Milani from December 10 to 13 at the JCI World Headquarters in St. Louis, USA. This annual tradition helps the incoming JCI President smoothly transition into their year of leadership by continuing the global impact created the previous year and generating new ideas for the year ahead. President Daems and President Elect Milani worked in conjunction with the JCI World Headquarters staff to finalize a strong, exciting plan for 2013. Focused on the JCI Active Citizen Framework and President-Elect Milani’s slogan, “Dare to Act,” JCI members are challenged to take action to create change in 2013. At the conclusion of the meetings, all agreed that 2013 promises a bright future for JCI members, partners and friends around the world. 


What did you do on JCI Active Citizen Day? Tell us about it on the JCI Facebook page or post your latest project in the JCI Project Gallery

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