Noticias — January 01, 2013

A Heartfelt Farewell

2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems concludes his year with a final message to all JCI members, partners and friends around the world. 

With tears in my eyes and happiness in my heart, I will leave the position as President of JCI. Tears because the work is far from done, because I believe we could have accomplished more. Tears because I will go back to my beloved family that I missed so much in the last year. But also tears because I look back on a year with so many good moments, so many that it is hard to believe that the year is over already. I also have happiness. Happiness because I have seen so many young people who are willing to make the difference, happiness because there is so much work done, and happiness because there are so many years in front of us where we can move on together because being the JCI President is just a role, not the individual passion for doing good in life. But above all happiness because you all gave me the opportunity to do whatever was in my ability to serve this organization.


Looking back at this incredible year is important, but we also have to look forward. My work will not stop. My presidential year may, but my energy to keep building this great organization and a better world has increased tremendously.


Let me take you back to December 11, 2006, coincidentally JCI Active Citizen Day. On this day, the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan delivered his final speech at the Truman Presidential Museum and Library in Independence, Missouri, USA.  He spoke his last official words as a Secretary General and those words shared great lessons. However, those words did not end up being his last. As Secretary General, he inspired many on the world stage in the same way his words during this final speech inspired me. I will take this opportunity to share his words with you in the hope we will all understand what our real task is in life…


Read 2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems’s final message in its entirety

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