Noticias — January 01, 2013

JCI Training Update

After hard work and deliberation, 2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems shares the current rules and regulations regarding JCI Training. 

Dear JCI Trainer,


Accept season’s greetings from the JCI World Headquarters!


Firstly, on behalf of 2012 JCI Board of Directors and the entire JCI membership, I would like to thank you for your immeasurable support to JCI through sharing your knowledge and time to help develop the skills of young people across the world. As a trainer, you remain a valuable asset to the growth and success of the premier line of leadership of our organization, namely at the Local Organization level.


Secondly, as you all aware we made significant progress this year in reviewing JCI Training with a goal of making it more strategically aligned to accomplishing the Mission of our Organization especially at the grassroots level – JCI Local Organizations. I encourage you to read the JCI Training Policy Manual


Thirdly, following the changes made by the aforementioned policy manual, I would like to clarify that you are eligible to serve as a Trainer for all JCI Recommended Courses and JCI Official Courses that you were previously qualified to train in the old system. You will have access to all of the JCI Training material online as of January 1, 2013. However for the newly developed courses such as JCI Impact, you will be expected to take the course and pass a knowledge test before training the course. For revised courses such JCI Achieve and JCI Admin, you will be expected to take a knowledge test before proceeding to conduct the training. You will have access to all the Training material for JCI Achieve and JCI Admin on your Training profile page on the website. 


Fourthly, all those who previously qualified as Assistant Trainers to JCI Recommended or JCI Official Courses will automatically qualify to become Trainers for those courses within the new system, but will be required to take the knowledge test for the newly revised courses such JCI Achieve and JCI Admin.


Fifth, the JCI Training online system is currently being overhauled to meet the expectations of the new Training Policy Manual guidelines.  The system will be ready by January 31, 2013. We ask for your cooperation and understanding during this transition. If you have any questions with reference to Training, please send an email to


Finally, let me once more thank you for your service and wish you a wonderful New Year in 2013.


Best regards, 


Bertolt Daems

2012 JCI President

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