Noticias — January 09, 2013


Fellow Jaycees It is with great joy and a deep sense of responsibility that I welcome all of us to 2013, our ???Impact??? year. As I assume my official responsibilities as the 3rd President of JCI Umuahia, I feel that the work ahead is much, but I am also a firm believer of the power of collective effort. We, every single person at JCI Umuahia forms a team, an acronym for ???Together Everyone Achieves More???, and with this mentality ahead of us, there is nothing that we cannot do once we set our minds to it. I raise my hat to my predecessors, ???Tomide Fabunmi and Jude Ngama, who have set the pace and provided a platform for JCI Umuahia, and I state my commitment to building on the same platform. The theme for 2013 in JCI Umuahia is Consolidation, Sustainability and Positioning. This is an abridgement for the goals of 2013, which is to consolidate on the visions of the founding fathers of JCI Umuahia, to sustain the successes we have already achieved so far, and most importantly, the positioning of JCI Umuahia locally, nationally and globally as a solution provider to the challenges of our time, especially in our local vicinity which is Umuahia and Abia state. How will we do this? Well, the 2013 JCI Nigeria national theme: Building a strong organization through people, projects and partnerships, gives us a guide. We will achieve all of our goals for 2013 first by building up the capacity of our members at the level of the individual, then by engaging in meaningful projects to bring about positive change in our environment, and finally, by engaging in partnerships with organizations that share mutual goals in order to increase the impact that we seek to create. Ambitious, yes, and definitely challenging, but I also believe that if your vision is not big enough that it scares you, then it is not big enough. To that effect, I challenge all members of JCI Umuahia to commit to the 20-4-7 compact. This is a modification of the 24-7 that we all know, and it will be the mobilization call for this administration. People complain that JCI takes up all of their time, and this makes them not to participate. Well, I???m glad to say that this administration does not need all of your time (24/7). Instead, we believe that we just need 20 minutes, 4 days, in a week (20-4-7) to achieve 100% efficiency in JCI Umuahia. Hence the 20-4-7 compact. In conclusion, I say: And now let us welcome the new year???full of things that have never been(Rainer Maria Rilke.) Here???s to the endless possibilities ahead of us. Once again, thank you all for this opportunity to serve. Yours in the service of humanity Ijeoma Akwukwaegbu (JCIN Amb.) 2013 President JCI Umuahia
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