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Hope for Haiti: Building a Community Center for Change with Pure Charity

In 2010, a devastating earthquake ravaged Haiti causing widespread destruction and local JCI members need your help to revive their communities one project at a time. 

2013 marks three years after natural disaster struck Haiti, but the country looks like the earthquake hit just yesterday. With rubble occupying the streets and thousands of non-governmental organizations setting up tents to work out of, recovery and reconstruction is moving slow. This prolonged development has inspired and activated the young people of Haiti to take action. JCI Haiti members are leading the way with the construction of a multi-purpose community center in Port-au-Prince. 


Using the JCI Active Citizen Framework as a guide to determine sustainable solutions for their country, JCI Haiti is employing innovative strategies and community engagement with local and international partners to bring real positive change to their society. After conducting an extensive needs analysis, JCI Haiti members identified that one of the greatest challenges to combating poverty and slow development was the need for a community center. This center would initially address the loss of infrastructure and raise the spirits of Haitians who need space for development activities. However as planning continues, this center will come to represent so much more for the country of Haiti. 


Once completed, the center will provide hope and positive change to the community through exciting and inventive opportunities. These include a community radio for educational and informational programs as well as a daycare to support working parents. The center will also provide many offices and conference rooms for groups within the community to meet, coordinate and plan future projects that will support the development of the country. While the center will offer much needed resources, its presence in the community will bring many opportunities for progress including economic empowerment. 


Within JCI Haiti’s plan for the community are action steps to train and employ Haitian citizens to build and maintain the community center. This training will provide members of the community with new skills and opportunities for employment. As outlined in the JCI Active Citizen Framework, education and economic empowerment are the engines that drive a society toward prosperity. Therefore JCI Haiti’s plans for a community center will be an invaluable way to create lasting positive change for their country, and they are ready to begin. 


The land is purchased, the plans are finalized and JCI members and friends in Haiti are ready to start construction. However, they cannot do it without help from young active citizens around the world. JCI has partnered with Pure Charity to allow JCI members around the globe to show their support. Pure Charity is a non-profit organization that allows you to generate a personal “Giving Fund” by shopping and earning rewards. As you shop online at any of the stores listed on the Pure Charity website, a percentage of your total sales will be put into your “Giving Fund.” You can then use the money you raised to support a local or national JCI project of your choice, such as building JCI Haiti’s Community Center.

Turn JCI Haiti’s dream of creating positive change into a reality by supporting their three phases of development: building the center, furnishing the center and managing the center. This is a great opportunity for JCI and we look forward to expanding this initiative, promoting several JCI projects, and connecting with JCI members, family and friends around the world! So dare to act and start your Pure Charity account today to support the construction of JCI Haiti’s community center. Follow the instructions below to start creating positive change in Haiti and around the world. 


Getting Started:


1. Sign Up!

Visiit, then click SIGN UP. Signing up with Facebook is easy and allows you to take advantage of the great social sharing tools in Pure Charity. Of course you’re free to sign up using your email if you prefer!


2. Earn $$ to Give Away

From your dashboard, click REWARDS, then INSTALL BROWSER PLUGIN on the next screen. Follow the instructions for your specific browser.


Once installed, you can shop directly online at more than 1,000 merchants to earn money for your Giving Fund. This is money for you to give away to the Pure Charity projects of your choice!


Important: Read How It Works on the Install Browser Plugin page.


3. Impact Lives!

DISCOVER great projects from around the world in the areas of food, freedom, health, opportunity, water, and relief. This is where you help people and impact lives! As a starting point, go to the Hope for Haiti project page to fund the construction of the Haiti Community Center.


4. Don’t forget to…

Tell your friends about projects using the SHARING TOOLS on every page!




5. Now that you have a Pure Charity account, you can join other JCI members and young active citizens across the globe to rally around your passions, support impact and create positive change.


Refer to the Pure Charity How-To Infographic for visual guide of these five steps. 


While Pure Charity’s mission is to inspire and encourage a movement of generosity, it is part of JCI’s Mission to use that generosity to create positive change. Whether it’s making a donation from your giving fund or spreading the word about JCI Haiti’s efforts through the creation of a fundraising campaign, they need your support. So join Pure Charity to start having viral impact by shopping and giving today! 

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