Noticias — February 26, 2013


PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten (Tuesday, February 12, 2013)- Junior Chamber International of St. Maarten (JCI), the nonprofit personal development organization whose sole mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change, recently elected and installed its new Board of directors for 2013.
During the recently concluded elections, outgoing president, Ms. Meandra Hazel, welcomed the newest board members to the executive wing of the organization and wished them well in their one (1) year term. The new board consists of President Ms. Deidrae Thompson, Vice President Mr. Richinel Brug, Secretary Mr. Dwain Thompson, Treasurer Ms. Janine Hunte, and Ms. Meandra Hazel will remain on the board as the Immediate Past President. During the newly elected president???s incoming address, Ms. Thompson, emphasized that ???Despite numerous challenges that the organization faces today, I wish to do nothing but be an inspiration to others. Inspiration is an essential tool in pushing individuals out of their comfort zone to serve, impact and transform the lives of others in their circle of life???. She said, and went on to emphasize ???I hope to inspire you, like black America , inspired by President Barack Obama in his first postulation as president of the United States of America with his famous theme??? ???Yes We Can??? ?????? She went on to thank the organization and its membership for allowing her the unique opportunity to serve them as their president and she promised to do her utmost, maintain the JCI standards and empower them to be more effective in transforming themselves and the people in our community. Junior Chamber International (JCI) is one of the largest worldwide non-political and non-sectarian youth service and self-development organizations. It is an international community of citizens between the ages of 18 and 40 with the aim and purpose of creating positive changes in the world. The organization believes that these changes must result from one taking "collective action to improve themselves and the world around them." While containing a religious element in their Declaration of Principles, JCI neither promotes nor engages in any religious activities. JCI St. Maarten meets on the last Wednesday of every month for their General Membership Meeting at the University of St. Maarten (USM) at 7.30 PM JCI St. Maarten can be reached on their FaceBook page and is also accessible by email at
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