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Landmark Decisions at the 2001 Barcelona JCI Congress

Important matters were discussed and crucial decisions were made at the Barcelona JCI Congress on November 4?9, 2001. The JCI Board of Directors and General Assembly focused on the implementation of the 1999 Strategic Planning Committee?s 50 recom
Important matters were discussed and crucial decisions were made at the Barcelona JCI Congress on November 4?9, 2001. The JCI Board of Directors and General Assembly focused on the implementation of the 1999 Strategic Planning Committee?s 50 recommendations, which are shaping Junior Chamber?s mission, vision, and course of action for the new millennium. They focused on those affecting growth and development as advised by the Membership Strategy Forum. More than 80 percent of the SPC?s 50 recommendations have already been implemented. These recommendations cover administration, finance, marketing, programs, services, training, business, meetings, Foundation, and Senate, with heavy focus on technology and communications, which the SPC perceived as a key means for achieving all their objectives. *************************************** Constitutional Amendments?The Legacy *************************************** Among of the most long-lasting, historic decisions made in Barcelona was the approval of several Constitutional amendments. The legacy of this Barcelona Congress will be the historic changes concerning quality standards for membership, as well as the groundwork to provide value, quality and professional services to members with professional standards for JCI Area conferences and for the Flagship Program, Entrepreneurs in Action. The constitutional amendments approved in Barcelona included the following: JCI Headquarters Location ************************* An amendment was approved to relocate the principal office of JCI to the State of Missouri, U.S.A. Background: At its Midyear Meeting, the Executive Committee appointed an Operations Review Committee to examine the overall efficiency of the JCI Headquarters. That Committee was charged with analyzing not only whether the current operation maximizes utilization of resources, but also whether improvements could be made to maximize the financial and operational effectiveness and delivery of the JCI Headquarters services. The building that houses the JCI Headquarters is the most valuable fixed asset owned by JCI, and the Committee considered many issues directly related to the structure of the building, including ongoing and forthcoming expenses to upkeep and maintain the building, anticipated expenditures, and efficient allocation of workspace. In the 32 years since the establishment of the JCI Headquarters in Coral Gables, while the building has been incurring wear and tear, the needs of the organization have changed due to improvements in information technology, international communication and travel, and the increase of real estate values. The Committee submitted recommendations to the Board of Directors and General Assembly as to how to best meet those needs. Barcelona General Assembly had the final say on recommendations from the Operations Review Committee. The Committee reviewed possible sites, considering costs, transportation, image, communications, schools, quality of life, and numerous other factors. Saint Louis was selected for primarily economic reasons including a cost of operations of 94 percent contrasted with the national average and $100,000 in tax inducements from the State of Missouri. The Barcelona General Assembly approved the amendment to relocate the JCI Headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., and to sell the building in Coral Gables, Florida, where the JCI Headquarters has operated since 1969. Committee members felt this relocation would be a return to Junior Chamber?s roots, as Henry Giessenbier founded the U.S. Jaycees in St Louis in 1915. General Assembly approved the Committee?s recommendation that the current headquarters be sold as quickly as market conditions allow, and the JCI Headquarters be relocated immediately to the Greater Saint Louis, Missouri, region. The Committee directed the Secretary General to expedite the orderly transfer of the organization?s property and equipment, and to relocate staff as soon as feasible. JCI President Georges Bouverat told General Assembly that a JCI President from Switzerland (Philippe Abravanel) moved the JCI Headquarters to Coral Gables and another JCI President from Switzerland (Georges Bouverat) was moving it to St. Louis. Mail Ballots ************* This amendment updated constitutional rules of procedure to match technological advances allowing mail ballots to be conducted via fax, email, or a password-protected Internet ballot site. Background: Today?s technology allows constitutional items to be considered with speed and efficiency, whereas postal mail balloting takes as much a 60 days to complete. Congress and Conference Themes ******************************* Following the one-vision mandate of the Strategic Planning Committee, JCI Conferences and Congress will have the corporate slogan, Entrepreneurs in Action, as their theme. This slogan will apply for the next five years, from 2002 through 2006. Commission System ******************* As per the SPC recommendation, the Commission System and its four Areas of Opportunity?Individual, Community, International and Business?were amended. Additional Meetings ******************* To avoid too many additional JCI meetings making demands on JCI officers and national presidents, for meetings such as area academies, training sessions for multiple NOMs and area association meetings, a request must be submitted to the Executive Committee at its midyear meeting two years in advance. The request must meet all requirements set by the Executive Committee, including a budget, schedule of events, purpose, agenda and venues. The meetings must not conflict with World Congress or Area Conferences. Dues Administration ******************* To discourage NOMs from under-declaring their membership, any NOM that failed to register its full membership by October 31 may be subject to termination of JCI services. Such a NOM may not host JCI meetings, vote in General Assembly or post candidates for JCI office. Furthermore, it may not receive development grants, JCI officer visits or any related services. One-Time Dues Moratorium ************************* JCI granted a dues moratorium to NOMs that under-reported their membership if they reported actual membership and chapter numbers by October 31, 2001. These newly reported members will be charged US$1.00 per year for five years to allow NOMs to work out financial and currency considerations limiting proper membership declarations. After this one-time moratorium, JCI will aggressively enforce NOM membership registration and terminate services to any NOM that under-declares members. Immediate Past President ************************ The name of the position is now ?Immediate Past President? and not ?Chairman of the Board.? Background: Although the title change from ?JCI Immediate Past President? to? JCI Chairman of the Board? was recommended by the SPC, this change had not been well received, and it was felt that the title should revert back to ?JCI Immediate Past President.? Amendments from the Membership Strategy Forum ************************************************ The following constitutional amendments, recommended by the Membership Strategy Forum, were approved: Full Affiliation Applicants **************************** Applicants for full affiliation are required to have at least two LOMs and 60 individual members. This is a reduction from the 135 members previously required. Provisional Membership Period ***************************** LOMs are encouraged to establish a provisional membership period of at least three months to allow for orientation, activation and induction procedures. During the Membership Strategy Forum, it was highlighted that nearly all of the 23 National Organizations that had shown consistent growth over a twenty-year period, 1980-2000, had provisional membership requirements for up to one year in their national and local constitutions. JCI Development Council ************************* The new JCI Development Council will assist the development of NOMs and their membership, and replace the NOM Development Program Commission. To serve on this council, the JCI President will appoint a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, and four Area Development Chairmen. They will serve for one year. Conference Bid Bonds ********************* To encourage conference organizers to comply with all contractual and reporting requirements on a timely basis to ensure their bid bond is refunded, the conference bid bond was increased from US$2,500 to US$3,500. Development Grants ********************* Applications for development grants have to be made to the JCI Secretary General and assigned Executive Vice President in writing and be received at least 14 days prior to the meeting at which the application is to be considered. Oath of an Individual Member *************************** The Oath of an Individual Member was amended to read: ?I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I shall faithfully serve as a member of Junior Chamber (LOM NAME), and will, to the best of my ability, serve as a living example of this organization?s philosophy and beliefs and will uphold and enforce the constitution of this organization at all times.? ******************************************* NOVA Training Launched at Barcelona Congress ******************************************* A new training program, NOVA, was conducted for the first time at the Barcelona JCI Congress. The objective of NOVA, an intermediate training program between PRIME and EXCEL, is to enhance the process of attaining adult learning skills providing the tools and information for becoming a Certified Local Trainer. This first NOVA seminar in Barcelona was conducted in English only, but other NOVA seminars will be conducted in other languages at the Area Conferences and future JCI Congresses. PRIME will no longer be part of the JCI Congress program. JCI encourages NOMs and LOMs to hold PRIME courses that can be used as marketing and recruitment tools. Information and guidelines on how to conduct a PRIME course can be found on the JCI web page as well as by contacting the JCI Headquarters at ****************************** Communications Costs Slashed ****************************** It was reported that headquarters postage costs had been slashed by US$70,000 and phone expenses by US$20,000 annually due to extensive use of email, eNews, Presidential e-communications, the JCI website and other Internet communications tools. During 2001, JCI sent out more information, more updates and better communications faster, more efficiently and at greater cost savings than ever before. Statistics for the JCI web site since 2/7/2001 show: Averages Hits Per Week 2884 Visits Per Week 1799 Hits Per Month 12542 Visits Per Month 7824 Maximums Busiest Day: 1/8/2001 (1373) Busiest Week: Week 31 2001 (4150) Busiest Month: 7/2001 (10853) Statistics show JCI members are increasingly using its web pages to secure information and read JCI?s news sections. For the most recent statistics and information by geography, behavior, technology, etc., please go to More than 70,000 Presidential communications, congress messages and broadcast eNews are emailed every month. These figures dramatically contrast with the 600 pieces of mail that used to be mailed once a month. Even when sent by priority international services, mail could take up to five weeks to reach Africa, and four weeks to reach Asia. Electronic Mailings Achieve More Savings ***************************************** The August mailing, the largest constitutionally mandated mailing of the year, was conducted electronically for the first time. As per the SPC's paperless mandate "that all possible internal means of communication be paperless in five years" to save paper and significant mailing costs, members received email instructions re downloading the documents listed below. If they had any difficulties, they were instructed to contact, and could still receive hard copies, upon request. Additionally, hard copies were available at Congress for the Board of Directors, NOMs and candidates. For the first time, the following documents that could be downloaded: Constitutional Amendments JCI Candidates for 2002 Office Bio Circular Proposed 2002 Draft Budget Audited Financial Statements Key Financial Points to the Audit 6/30/01 Financial Statements Analysis of the Financial Statements at 6/30/01 Proxy Form Designation Form *************************** Major Achievements in 2001 *************************** JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe summarized the major achievements of the year: ?We are pleased to report that to date, the year has been full of new achievements and accomplishments. I would, however, like to highlight the major achievements, such as the redesigned and enhanced JCI website, with updated news on important JCI happenings; the initiation of online Congress registration; the production of the JCI CD-ROM Presentation; and the production and distribution of the JCI Corporate Identity pin.?
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