Noticias — January 20, 2003

President Rector Announces Plans for JCI-UN Program

In a speech to more than 2,000 leaders of Japan Junior Chamber, JCI President Bruce Rector announced preliminary plans to hold a JCI Leadership Development Conference at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York later this year. Rector was in Kyoto, Japan, on Saturday and Sunday to attend the Annual Kickoff Convention of Japan Junior Chamber. Japan is his first stop on an eight-day trip to visit several JCI national organizations in Asia.
In his remarks, Rector said that Japan Junior Chamber's recognition by the UN Department of Information in 2002 as an official Non-Governmental Organization had inspired JCI leaders to re-think the importance of JCI?s relationship with the United Nations. Impressed by the leadership of Japan Junior Chamber on United Nations matters, Rector told Japan Junior Chamber leaders that they had motivated JCI to become committed to holding a leadership conference at the UN Headquarters in New York. President Rector also challenged Japan Junior Chamber to "soar to a new level of greatness in 2003" by playing a vital role in Japan's efforts toward economic revitalization. Rector said, "Japan Junior Chamber, your communities, your country and the world need you today more than ever." JCI Vice President Velvet Ooi, also present at the Annual Kickoff Convention, delivered another inspiring speech to the audience. For photos taken during the Kyoto Convention in Japan, please click here.
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