Noticias — May 28, 2013

2013 Philippine-New York Jaycees Named Most Outstanding

Binghamton, New York (May 12, 2013) ??? The Junior Chamber International (JCI) New York State First Trimester Convention took place at Binghamton, New York on May 10-12, 2013. The weekend was full of leadership and professional trainings, fun camaraderie with Jaycees from across the state, and state recognition to local chapters for an outstanding first trimester of 2013. During the weekend, JCI Philippine-New York received a total of 12 awards: Outstanding Individual Development (ID) Vice President Loren San Diego; Outstanding Community Development (CD) Vice President Mel Rodriguez; Outstanding International Affairs (IA) Vice President Stevenson Van Derodar; Outstanding Membership Services (MS) Vice President Ria Serrano; Outstanding State VP Brandon Schumacher; Outstanding ID Project "New Year, New You"; Outstanding MS Project "Bowling with the Jaycees"; Outstanding Management Project "50th Induction of Officers"; Outstanding Public Relations Project "50th Induction of Officers"; Outstanding Overall Project "50th Induction of Officers"; Outstanding Chapter President Bel Molina and; Outstanding Chapter JCI Philippine-New York. For the first four months of 2013, JCI Philippine-New York is proud to have implemented a total of 19 exciting projects through its five leadership areas (Management, Community Development, Membership, International Affairs and Individual Development) to further the mission of JCI in creating positive change! Chapter President Bel Molina adds, ???Team 2013???s commitment, enthusiasm and dedication towards furthering the JCI mission of creating positive change is greatly appreciated! What a great first trimester to kick-off and showcase our theme of 50 Years Onward: A Tradition of Excellence.???
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