Noticias — January 21, 2003

JCI Board of Directors Sets External and Internal Priorities for 2003

Meeting with Korea Junior Chamber National President Seung-Jae Yang, other national organization officers, and local organization leaders in Seoul, Korea, JCI President Bruce Rector explained that the JCI Board of Directors had set its top priorities for 2003. Rector told the leaders that, as a result of strategic discussions by the board last week in St. Louis, JCI would have one external focus and three internal focuses during the coming year.
In 2003, the JCI Board will build upon JCI?s corporate slogan, "Entrepreneurs in Action." President Rector said that the JCI Board?s external focus would be to convince governments, businesses and communities to invest more time, energy and resources into cultivating young leaders and entrepreneurs. "By developing young leaders and entrepreneurs that are more ethically and socially responsible, more appreciative of cultural and ethic differences, and more globally aware, we can create a better world," Rector said. President Rector also said that the JCI Board had adopted three internal focus points: achieving a worldwide membership growth of 2.5%; establishing the LEAD program as the main learning program to develop local, national and international JCI leaders; and improving the JCI Website to make it more dynamic, useful and practical for members and potential members. Korea Junior Chamber President Yang hosted President Rector at the Korea Junior Chamber Secretariat building in Seoul on Tuesday for frank and meaningful discussions about the future of Junior Chamber Korea and JCI. Both local and national organization leaders exchanged ideas and suggestions with President Rector. "These young leaders of Korea Junior Chamber have helped me to better understand both the challenges and opportunities that lie head for JCI and I m thankful for their creative ideas and suggestions," said Rector as the day of meetings concluded. President Rector is in Korea as part of an eight-day tour of JCI national organizations in Asia. JCI Executive Vice President Oh and Vice President Lee joined Rector for the day's activities and both offered their own insights and motivation to the Members throughout the day. For additional photos, please click here.
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