Noticias — January 27, 2003

Rector Says Younger JCI Members Need More Attention

JCI President Bruce Rector said yesterday that JCI needed to do a better job delivering membership value to younger Members under the age of 30. Rector made those comments during a question-and-answer session with about 75 JCI local and national organization leaders at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. At an outdoor dinner and reception, with the nighttime Hong Kong skyline as a backdrop, President Rector was asked his opinion about raising the JCI membership age limit from 40 to 45. In response, Rector said "My bigger concern is to do a better job attracting JCI Members under the age of 30." Rector said that JCI?s membership has become concentrated more in the 35-40 range and less in the under-30 group.
Rector noted that the active interest of the age-30 and under participants at the Young Members Forum in Las Vegas had convinced him that the organization needed to think "younger" when it comes to planning programs and events, and posting content on the JCI website. "Age-30 and under Members are just as talented and valuable to JCI as older Members but they speak a different language in some respects," Rector said. "We need to do a better job across the world to reach out to these younger Members and make them feel they are an important part of our organization." The night before and earlier in the day, President Rector visited Macau. In Macau, President Rector met with Dr. Chui Sai On, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government. He later had lunch with local and national Junior Chamber leaders at the Macau Tower.
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