Noticias — January 28, 2003

JCI Members Show Interest in New Cards

JCI President Rector's new "Partner in Action" wallet-size cards were a popular item during his recent eight-day tour of Asia. Rector has handed out the cards to Members that allow him to shake their hands and thank them for working with him as Partners for JCI Action in 2003. Rector has already distributed about 500 of the cards. The cards are individually numbered in the upper left-hand corner. Rector presented card number 001 on January 10 to United States Junior Chamber President Michael Faller in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On the back of the cards, you find answers to frequently asked questions about JCI.
The cards have a three-fold purpose. First, President Rector wants to use them as an incentive to encourage Members to meet him and share ideas. Second, the cards are designed to recognize and emphasize the important role that individual JCI Members play in shaping the future of the organization. Third, the information on the back of the cards is intended to provide "talking points" to local Members so that they answer questions from prospective Members, media and corporate patrons in a similar way around the world. Frequently Asked Questions about JCI Who? A worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs. We are 200,000 active JCI Members and millions of JCI alumni participating in projects, meetings, learning programs and events. What? We meet, learn and grow. We create positive changes. We learn how to be better leaders. We lead projects in the areas of Business, Individual, Community and International Development. Where? In more than 6,000 communities and 110 countries on 5 continents. Why? Because we believe in the advancement of the global community and the creation of positive change by improving ourselves and the world around us. How? We meet at local and national meetings and international conferences to exchange ideas and share best practices. We also learn through interesting and interactive seminars and presentations by dynamic speakers and trainers. We grow both personally and professionally because we learn by doing and actively participate in organizing projects and activities for ourselves and our communities. We are an organization for young leaders and entrepreneurs that gives you the confidence to reach inside yourself and achieve more than you would have thought you were capable of.
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