Noticias — November 08, 2013

Call for Training Courses at the 2014 JCI Area Conferences (Deadline ??? December 31)

All active JCI members or past members who are still contributing to their JCI Local Organization and who have training skills and experience are invited to submit proposals to conduct their own courses at the 2014 JCI Area Conferences. 

Please note that the courses proposed must be related to the development of the skills and abilities of our members, so they can improve the administration of their JCI Local Organization and conduct projects that create sustainable solutions and positive impact in their communities.


To apply, please go to JCI’s website ( Under “TRAINING,” click on Upcoming Courses” and Request to conduct a course at Upcoming JCI Events (left column). The deadline to receive applications is December 31


If you intend to apply, please keep in mind that trainers:


1. Must apply only if they are certain they will attend the Area Conference. Trainers who fail to attend events for which they apply for training create a challenge. Therefore, applications from trainers who have thus failed repeatedly may not be accepted. While there may be reasonable causes for cancellations, please do not apply if there is a risk that you may not be able to attend. 

2. Must personally conduct the courses for which they apply. Trainers cannot invite Assistant Trainers. Invitations for training at JCI events are made to individual trainers only by the JCI President (Congress) and Conference Chairperson (Conferences).

3. Must cover own registration and hotel accommodations. Training at a JCI event is a great opportunity for trainers to broaden their horizons, generate invitations from other JCI National or Local Organizations, and become internationally recognized. JCI does not provide any financial assistance for trainers who conduct their own courses at JCI events. The Conference or Congress Organizing Committee (COC) will provide basic training aids for their courses (projector, screen, flip chart, paper and markers), but trainers must bring their own laptops and audio devices.

4. Must NOT apply for JCI Official or Recommended Courses. Trainers for JCI Official or Recommended Courses will be selected from trainers who apply to conduct their own courses. 

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