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Meet 2002 JCI President: Salvador Batlle

Salvador (Salvi) Batlle Domenech was born November 9, 1964, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. A Spanish national, Battle is the first Junior Chamber member from Spain to be elected JCI President. JCI President Salvi Batlle holds a bachelor?s degr
Salvador (Salvi) Batlle Domenech was born November 9, 1964, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. A Spanish national, Battle is the first Junior Chamber member from Spain to be elected JCI President. JCI President Salvi Batlle holds a bachelor?s degree in law, and master?s degree in business administration. He is an attorney specializing in business consulting and international investments. He resides in Reus with his wife Mariona. Batlle joined Reus Junior Chamber in 1990. He was elected chapter president in 1994 and national president in 1995. At the international level, he served as Executive Assistant to the President for Area D in 1997, JCI Vice President assigned to various Caribbean NOMs and the United States in 1998, and Member of the Strategic Planning Committee in 1999. Furthermore, he served as JCI Executive Vice President assigned to the Americas and Chairman JCI Area C Conference in Curitiba, Brazil, in 2000, and as Chief Executive Assistant to the President in 2001. Batlle has attended 18 JCI Area Conferences and 8 JCI World Congresses. He speaks Spanish, English and French. He is JCI Senator No. 56658 and is a Certified Local Trainer. ************** Slogan for 2002 ************** JCI President Salvi Batlle's mission for 2002 will be to promote JCI?s corporate slogan: ?Entrepreneurs in Action.? This dynamic slogan embraces Junior Chamber?s global membership of over half-a-million members, Senior Members and JCI Senators in more than 100 countries and territories. ?Entrepreneur? has many positive meanings. Primarily denoting ?a person who organizes a business undertaking,? it can also be someone who takes bold actions for the community?a social entrepreneur. Innovative, cutting edge, creative, and youthful, an entrepreneur has fresh, original ideas and is ready to risk implementing them. "In Action" reflects Junior Chamber?s proactive attitude?always working toward change. Regardless of the area of enterprise?development, training, environment, children, peace, internationalism?Junior Chamber members improve their communities, their countries and their world. Junior Chamber creates opportunities. ?Entrepreneurs in Action? depicts Junior Chamber members? determination and courage to use those opportunities to break barriers and explore new fields. Pioneers in business and in life, they radically redefine what is doable and how it can be done. Junior Chamber's ranks include leaders who are investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in diverse fields. Their entrepreneurial action empowers them to forge change to make the world a better place. They are visionaries and mavericks that transform dreams into reality. With strength and determination, they continually strive to do more and be more in their businesses, their communities, and in the lives they help change. These cutting-edge young business people bring passion and creativity to problem solving and to the art of work. Their boldness, imagination, and readiness to break barriers when needed give them the ultimate edge over competition. JCI President Salvi Batlle saw members? participation in the Barcelona JCI Congress at this crucial crossroads for the world as a clear demonstration of ?Entrepreneurs in Action? toward world peace: Let?s Give Peace a Chance *********************** ?In 1944, when our U.S.-born movement reached the international level, Junior Chamber emerged with great strength from the second greatest world crisis bringing a sense of hope and commitment from young people around the world to create world peace. That is why our Creed states, ?The brotherhood of men transcends the sovereignty of nations.? ?Overcoming enormous difficulties, these young people were able to succeed and make a positive change: they created an international movement that fought for progress based on peace. This has been our mission, courage and vision since the establishment of JCI. ?Today, as young professionals who face a new world crisis, we must keep our commitment toward a peaceful future, a future to be lived with awareness of the present, but with a normalcy that silences the acts of criminals. This peace is better achieved through knowledge and togetherness, taking the opportunity to attend events that help us acquire this knowledge and share experiences, such as our World Congress. [By attending] we played our part for world peace with our example of normalcy and our ability to live together peacefully. ?The present situation in Barcelona is one of peace and absolute normalcy. Catalonia, and especially Barcelona, has always been known for its hospitality, tolerance, and respect for other cultures. The city was recently selected by ?Traveler? magazine as the best world tourist destination, combining a millenarian tradition with a captivating modernity that have turned it into an emblematic destination no one should miss. The Congress Organizing Committee worked very hard to turn this place and time into a wonderful opportunity to share great moments and knowledge in a normal atmosphere. Thousands of voices from around the world must clamor for a peaceful future. ?I called upon all Jaycees of the world to attend our Congress on November 4-9, so we could send a message of peace to the world?which is something more than 4000 of our members bravely did.? ********** 2002 Goals ********** His goals will be to support and promote the 2002 JCI Plan of Action: Growth and development ******************** To advance the organization's qualitative growth, improve the caliber of service to its members, and ensure member retention. Growth here means both a net increase in the number of members and achieving greater participation by all members. Training ******* To provide the opportunity to participate in effective projects and high-level training programs. Communications ************* To provide members and officers as well as non-members with relevant and actual information, and to promote the exchange of information within and outside the organization. Finance and Administration ************************ To effectively manage the organization?s human and financial resources as well as the administration procedures at all levels, and to increase a customer service-oriented attitude. Marketing ******** To promote the organization in the worldwide community as a leadership development, community service, and business-networking organization. Meetings ******* To effectively provide opportunities for members to meet, share ideas and fellowship, and conduct the business of the organization at all levels. Programs ******* To stimulate chapters and members to conduct meaningful projects within the four Areas of Opportunity. Cooperation with External Organizations ********************************** To offer project opportunities to the members and contribute actively toward world peace. Planning ******* To ensure continuity of the organization and the success of its activities. ***************************************** Personal Highlights of JCI President Salvi Batlle ***************************************** First and last name ***************** Salvador (Salvi) Batlle Domenech Profession ********* Bachelor?s degree in law, and Master?s degree in business administration Email **** Civil status ********** He resides in Reus with his wife Mariona. Languages ******** Spanish, English and French. Profession ********* He is an attorney specializing in business consulting and international investments.
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