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2014 JCI World Congress Ignites Sustainable Global Impact

December 3, 2014—Uniting more than 4,500 young active citizens from 105 countries, the 2014 JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany offered delegates the opportunity to learn new skills, share best practices and harness a renewed passion for JCI as a global organization. Hosted through collaboration between JCI Leipzig and JCI Germany, attendees enjoyed an action-packed program of interactive workshops, productive meetings, lively guest speakers and dazzling evening ceremonies. 


The JCI Morning Show began each day in an energetic way involving delegates in learning exercises, games and the opportunity to win JCI prizes. Featuring experts from the business, civil and government sectors, JCI members took part in panel discussions focused on how to improve resource and energy efficiency, take action across changing societies and create solutions to youth unemployment. The first ever Peace and Prosperity Forum allowed attendees to discuss current world crises and formulate peaceful solutions to threats against justice and peace in their communities. Delegates seized the opportunity to learn more about malaria in the post 2015 world and JCI’s expanded partnership with the UN Foundation at a panel hosted by Nothing But Nets. With JCI’s participation and commitment to the UN Millennium Campaign’s MY World 2015 survey, the JCI Active Citizen FrameWorkshop highlighted JCI National Organizations who have had success in surveying their communities and collecting as thousands of youth voices for the creation of the post 2015 global development agenda. With a focus on freedom, passion and change, Congress attendees also embraced the historic spirit of Leipzig honoring the significance of the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 


The 2014 JCI Board of Directors along with 2014 JCI National Presidents and Chief Delegates conducted the official business of the 2014 JCI World Congress at the General Assembly. Business included official reports from the year about finance, partnerships, 2015 and 2016 JCI Events, constitutional amendments, JCI Foundation donations and the 2015 election. After 2014 JCI Vice President, Executive Vice President and President Candidates Presentations and Caucuses throughout the week, JCI National Presidents voted on the 2015 JCI Board of Directors and 2015 JCI President. 2014 JCI Executive Vice President Ismail Haznedar of JCI Turkey was voted and sworn in as 2015 JCI President. President Elect Haznedar’s term as JCI President officially begins January 1, 2015. He will serve as the global leader of the organization and plans to Commit, Connect and Care for JCI on its path to sustainable global impact. The 2015 JCI World Congress will take place in Kanazawa, Japan November 3 to 8. 


About JCI: JCI is a worldwide membership-based nonprofit organization of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 who are dedicated to creating positive change in their communities. Through projects in more than 5,000 communities across more than 100 countries, members seek targeted solutions to local problems, creating a global impact. Every November, JCI members, partners and friends from across the globe come together for the peak of the JCI year at JCI World Congress. They unite to share experiences, expand their global network and find new ways to create positive impact in their communities through targeted action. The JCI World Congress celebrates active citizenship and magnifies the impact of the JCI Movement. 


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Krissy Durant, Director of Membership Services, Junior Chamber International (JCI)

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