Noticias — June 18, 2015

JCI Job Fair at Barkly

On 16 April 2015, The Junior Chamber International (JCI) of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill organised a job fair in partnership with Caritas and ICJM (Institut Cardinal Jean Margeot) at the Youth Centre of Barkly in Beau-Bassin.
The job fair formed part of the Project called ???Zen ActiV??? initiated in 2014. In line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 1 ???Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger,??? Zen ActiV had the aim to target mainly teenagers and young adults from Barkly and the surroundings who face issues in entering the job market. ZEN ACTIV also had for ambition to tackle unemployment of low qualified people, one of the two main dimensions of unemployment in Mauritius. 12 companies and NGOs from different industries ranging from BPO, hotel and accommodation Sector, Textile, Transport to SMEs participated in the job fair. More than 300 job seekers from the region of Barkly attended the job fair as this event was a first on its kind. Three Personality Development sessions were delivered by Human Resources Professionals to young adults of Barkly. The sessions covered were identifying the strength and weaknesses of the participants, CV writing guidelines and mock interviews. The aim was to prepare them to face interviews confidently and also prior to the job fair in April.
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