Noticias — January 01, 2000

January Board: Designing JCI’s Future (Part One)

With Catalonian flare, JCI President Salvi Batlle chaired JCI’s last January Board of Directors Meeting at the JCI Headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, January 12-18, 2002. He focused on the Barcelona Congress’s historic decisions, incl
With Catalonian flare, JCI President Salvi Batlle chaired JCI’s last January Board of Directors Meeting at the JCI Headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, January 12-18, 2002. He focused on the Barcelona Congress’s historic decisions, including the relocation of the JCI Headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri, after being based in Coral Gables, Florida, since 1969. Batlle challenged: “We will be taking crucial decisions at this meeting affecting the future of our organization. Do not hesitate to ask if you need more information or more time to discuss any topic or issue. Let's move forward!” This 2002 January Board Meeting was particularly important, as it approved far-reaching new initiatives to shape Junior Chamber’s vision, direction, actions and future. Before the business meetings began, extensive interactive training sessions were conducted over the weekend at the Ritz Hotel on world-renowned South Beach. Past JCI officers Fernando Sanchez and Joan Sebastia Rodo Roda conducted the training. Board members praised the friendship and team spirit they had shared as well as the training, which had been motivational, exciting and useful for their year of JCI office. After the January Board Meeting, Area C National Junior Chamber Presidents participated in the 3rd American Development Council (ADC) Meeting at the JCI Headquarters. They met on January 18–20 to receive training and information about the JCI Headquarters services and operations, and to develop a shared vision and a three-year growth plan for the Americas. 2002: JCI Senate Golden Anniversary ********************************* This year is the perfect time for chapters to recognize their outstanding members with a JCI Senatorship, and the JCI Congress in Las Vegas offers a great opportunity to promote the Senate. JCI Immediate Past President Georges Bouverat reported that plans to celebrate the Senate’s Golden Anniversary this year include: ? A Senator’s monthly e-newsletter, the first week of each month ? A special Senator’s program and a Golden Cocktail Reception at each Area Conference ? A special Senator’s program at Congress and a pre-congress event (possibly a golf tour across the U.S.—at no cost for JCI) ? A Congress Celebration Dinner instead of the standard traditional Senate Dinner ? A Golden Anniversary Brochure prepared for Congress, which could also promote Senatorships Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) ******************************* During the January Board Meeting, discussions focused on the implementation of the 1999 SPC’s 50 recommendations, which are shaping Junior Chamber’s mission, vision, and course of action for the new millennium. More than 80 percent of the SPC’s 50 recommendations have already been implemented. These recommendations cover administration, finance, marketing, programs, services, training, business, meetings, Foundation, and Senate, with heavy focus on technology and communications, perceived as a key means for achieving all the SPC’s objectives. At the Midyear Meeting in June in St. Louis, Missouri, the JCI Executive Committee will review all the recommendations, changing and deleting any as needed to meet the dramatic changes that have occurred since 1999. JCI Flagship Program—Best Business Plan of the World Competition ******************************************************* As part of the SPC’s guidelines, last year JCI adopted its corporate flagship program—Best Business Plan of the World Competition—to match the corporate slogan—“Entrepreneurs in Action.” Board members were enthusiastic about the historic first Awards presentation for the Best Business Plan in the World Competition at the 2001 Barcelona Congress. JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector was appointed to be in charge of promoting and developing the flagship program. This flagship program is a key marketing tool to give Junior Chamber extensive media exposure and attract new members and new sponsors. In 2002, JCI’s goal regarding this exciting program is to receive at least 300 submissions from 50 countries. Through this program, JCI honors the best of the best, people who have created bold, imaginative business plans to establish a new enterprise or social activity to create positive change. There are two categories: Business (profit) and Social Entrepreneur (nonprofit). JCI seeks practical, bold, imaginative and cutting-edge plans that seek solutions, involve risk-taking, and reassess what is feasible. The international winners will be recognized during the Las Vegas JCI Congress at a special VIP Awards Luncheon. The grand winners will receive free airfare, accommodations, and a plaque. To participate in the 2002 competition, go to the JCI website,, or contact Entrepreneurs in Action! ******************** At the January Board meeting JCI’s corporate slogan, “Entrepreneurs in Action” was discussed enthusiastically. Since its historic adoption in 2001, it has been eagerly accepted and promoted throughout the world as a powerful marketing tool. JCI Foundation and Financial Achievements ************************************** It was reported that the JCI Foundation’s assets totaled more than US$3,500,000. During 2001, the JCI Foundation had received donations totaling US$145,000 through the addition of 119 Foundation members. Once again, Japan Junior Chamber’s chapters and members had contributed significantly donating more than 50 percent of the total. JCI had secured 3 David Chua-Unsu Patrons (US$20,000), 5 Phil Pugsley (US$5,000) Donors, and more than 110 Phil Pugsley (US$1,000) Patrons in 2001. The goal for 2002 is 300 additional donations. JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe reported that the organization is very fortunate to have US$6.4 million in reserve funds between the JCI Foundation and JCI. The funds are invested conservatively to protect the organization’s assets. Divided between short- and longer-term deposits, they are still yielding 4 and 5.4 percent interest despite the very low rates (from 1.45 to 3.47 percent) prevalent in recent months. JCI Endowment Fund: A US$2 Million Challenge **************************************** Last year, Doctor Hian-Tsin Tan—a local, national, regional and international Junior Chamber sponsor—challenged JCI to set up a JCI Endowment Fund with the ambitious goal of reaching US$2,000,000 before the 2006 JCI Congress. JCI accepted Doctor Tan's challenge and approved the creation of the JCI Endowment Fund. If JCI Senators, Senior Members and Jaycees donate a total of US$500,000 by the 2005 JCI Congress, Doctor Tan and his wife will contribute another US$500,000, with which the Fund will reach its first million. If another US$500,000 is donated before the 2006 JCI Congress, Doctor Tan and his wife will donate a further US$500,000, thus bringing the Endowment Fund to a grand total of US$2,000,000. By the end of 2001, US$145,952.27 had been donated. As US$354,047.73 is still needed by the 2005 JCI Congress, it was stressed that JCI must promote the Foundation and inform members about this important challenge.
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