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Delegates Collaborate to Impact at this Year's 2015 JCI Conference of the Americas

JCI members gathered in Cochabamba, Bolivia May 20–23 to develop new skills and share stories of impact while celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement. 


The 2015 JCI Conference of the Americas included powerful partnerships, dynamic guest speakers and a variety of culture throughout the events ceremonies and national parties. More than 500 delegates from over 30 different countries in the Americas made the most of their conference experience in the beautiful and historic city of Cochabamba as they united to share best practices and celebrate JCI’s continued global impact. 


This year’s JCI Conference of the Americas kicked off with the National Presidents Meeting, bringing together the strong leadership of the Americas. National Presidents and Chief Delegates shared this first encounter of the Conference and used it as inspiration and motivation for the rest of the week’s celebrations. The First Timers Orientation also took place on the first day, welcoming nearly 100 new event attendees to Cochabamba. They enjoyed a motivating session with 2015 JCI Vice President Candice Henriquez and were given the opportunity to discuss the upcoming days with 2015 JCI President Ismail Haznedar, JCI Immediate Past President Shine Bhaskaran and Executive Vice President Victor Machín. Later in the evening, the Opening Ceremony showcased the National Presidents wearing traditional clothing and displaying their national pride, carrying the flags of their home countries; attending delegates danced and sang along, waving their national flags with honor. The special ceremony concluded with the unveiling of a large flag representative of the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement. However, the night didn’t end with the Opening Ceremony; the Welcome Party followed taking place at the Gran Salon of the Gran Hotel Cochabamba where a variety of delicious food and drinks were served and enjoyed among attending delegates. 


The JCI Morning Show, hosted by 2015 Vice President Candice Henriquez and Americas Development Council Director Andrés Gutiérrez was a particularly empowering event. Special guest 2014 Executive Vice President Dawn Hetzel shared her JCI experience with the audience as one of the very first JCI Impact Talks. The talks seek to inspire and engage audiences of young active citizens on how they too can make an impact in the lives of others. JCI Impact Talks are available to view on the JCI YouTube Channel. During the JCI Active Citizen FrameWorkshop, delegates had the chance to share problems and solutions related to sustainability. Keynote speaker from the nonprofit Techo Bolivia, Andres Gutierrez Cuellar discussed how his organization works to create sustainable impact in Bolivia during this session, inviting JCI members to combine efforts with his organization to create a larger impact on society.


For the first time at Conference of the Americas, the delegates and the community enjoyed a proposal that united all sectors of society to create sustainable impact through collective local action during the JCI Regional Partnership Summit. Throughout the first half of the summit, speakers from numerous countries in the Americas showcased impact projects to the audience, which overcame challenges of the 21st century. During the second half of the program, representatives from the United Nations Development Programme, Unilever and the Mayor of Cochabamba presented the way in which they are collaborating together to achieve social equality and sustainability in the region. 


While delegates of the 2015 JCI Americas Conference took action to create impact during the day, they also participated at night by attending National Parties and JCI 100th Anniversary celebrations. Bolivia night, seen as the one of the best nights of the Conference by attendees, included an exciting mini carnaval that was hosted in the street as well as Bolivian dancers and performers in traditional Bolivian attire. The final night of the Conference finished the week with touching speeches by 2015 JCI President Ismail Haznedar, 2015 JCI Executive Vice President Victor Machín and JCI Secretary General Arrey Obenson, a celebratory display of fireworks and a standing ovation for the Conference Organizing Committee of the 2015 JCI Conference of the Americas. 


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