Noticias — August 25, 2015

JCI Members Take Continued Action to Help Refugees Globally

World Refugee Day, honored on June 20 every year, is a time for individuals everywhere to come together to recognize those who have fled violence and persecution in their home countries as well as those who have helped them to safety along the way. 


JCI members worldwide are working to assist refugees and merge communities together in order to provide a more peaceful and prosperous future. The assistance of refugees within JCI began in 1954 with the creation of JCI Operation Brotherhood, a program first initiated to support Vietnamese refugees fleeing from war torn Vietnam. With the understanding that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations, a core value of the organization, continued efforts to help refugees in the new millennium have remained a focus of JCI members everywhere. 


In 2014, the “Ying Yang” Refugee Integration Program was started by JCI Malta to bring awareness of the issues surrounding integration of African refugees to the Maltese community and to develop programs to merge communities together for positive change. JCI Malta is currently proposing two programs that will facilitate the integration of refugees in Malta through creative means. The first, Community Vegetable Garden will bring the Maltese and refugee community together to work on projects that symbolize integration and mutual respect for one another. The second, Tools for Learning Creatively involves the creation of illustrative books to encourage and provide refugees education on Maltese culture. 


The northeast zone of Nigeria has continued to be plagued by the dangerous terrorist group Boko Haram, leaving tens of thousands dead, injured and displaced. The Federal Government of Nigeria recently disclosed that nearly 650,000 Nigerians have been internally displaced while another 1 million are refugees in the neighboring countries of Cameroon, Chad and Niger. An undisclosed amount of these individuals are orphaned children, left without access to food, shelter and education. JCI Nigeria embarked on a mission to work as a community of young active citizens of change by developing project “Displaced not Misplaced”. Thorough this initiative, they have been able to feed over 300 displaced orphans, as well as advance two of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal’s through this project; MDG 1 to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and MDG 2 to achieving universal primary education.


To further assimilation between Jordan and refugees, JCI Jordan has been conducting English teaching courses at Jerash Camp for Gaza refugees since 2011 as well as for Syrian refugees at King Addullah Park Refugee Camp. Courses are conducted weekly and encourage women and children refugees to engage in reading, writing and conversational topics conducted in the English language. Due to their initiatives success, JCI Jordan has been given the support of the Palestinian Embassy for their efforts in these areas. 


To further the global impact, since 2010, JCI Varese, in collaboration with the Committee of the Friends of the Civic Temple, the local church, the Mayor and the young students of the institute “Maria Immacolata,” annually organize a ceremony at the Peace and Education Center of Busto Arsizio where community members pray for all victims of war. Also, to create awareness of the JCI Nothing But Nest anti-malaria campaign, a nativity scene is displayed at the same temple where an insecticide-treated bed net hangs over the infant Jesus. This annual project serves as a reminder that Jesus was also a refugee while also helping aid in the awareness and fundraising efforts for JCI Nothing But Nets. 


It is the grassroots initiatives of active citizens everywhere that make a difference in the lives of others. JCI’s continued commitment and work with refugees, reinvigorates active citizens belief that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations. 


Does your JCI Organization have an impactful project to share? Visit the JCI Project Gallery to post your story of impact.




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