Noticias — January 01, 2000

January Board Meeting Highlights (Part Two)

Benefactor Offers to Donate Land for JCI Headquarters in St. Louis Louis Sachs, a benefactor specializing in land development, has offered to donate two acres of land in the Chesterfie
Benefactor Offers to Donate Land for JCI Headquarters in St. Louis Louis Sachs, a benefactor specializing in land development, has offered to donate two acres of land in the Chesterfield area of St. Louis, JCI?s birthplace. Chesterfield is an upscale, very prosperous and dynamic community with a population of 40,000 on the western suburbs of St. Louis. The donation, worth from half a million to one million dollars, would be the largest gift Junior Chamber has ever received. On the donated land, zoned for a 45,000 square-foot building, JCI would build a one-story 10,000 square-foot building. The new headquarters would be designed with open space and would be very flexible to meet the organization?s current and future needs. Junior Achievement, another international service organization that has also been offered a land donation from the benefactor, would build its headquarters next to the area where the JCI Headquarters would be located. Temporary office space has also been offered at no fee for the first two months, after which JCI could sign a short-term lease paying only US$17 per square foot for full services, including utilities, until the new headquarters is built. JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector said this donation would offer JCI a fantastic opportunity because without it, JCI would not be able to afford property in this very upscale, fast-growing part of St. Louis. The JCI Executive Committee directed JCI to engage an architect to design the new St. Louis headquarters, and a real estate broker to sell the Coral Gables Headquarters. Two offers to buy the Coral Gables building were declined because they were below the building?s appraised value. JCI Vice President Reassignment for Pakistan Due to a governmental restriction for Indian citizens against traveling to Pakistan during the political turmoil between the two countries, responsibility for Pakistan Junior Chamber was reassigned from Vice President Srikant V. Shah from India to Vice President Ngui Ing Ing from Malaysia. Vice President Ing Ing accepted her new assignment determined to make a difference and motivate Pakistani members during this challenging time for their country. Viva Las Vegas in 2002! Las Vegas Congress Director Tilman Adair reported on the growing excitement of the 2002 Las Vegas World Congress. The Organizing Committee is expecting 6,000 delegates, of which 1,000 will be from the United States. The dates of the Congress will be November 24-28, 2002. The MGM Grand Hotel, the largest hotel in the world, will be the headquarters and delegates? hotel. The MGM Grand is a city within a city. When fully occupied, the hotel can host 33,000 guests. Only three minutes away from the international airport, the MGM Grand has its own 17,000-seat arena and enough meeting rooms for a JCI Congress. If you visit MGM?s website,, you can see virtual rooms for your congress stay. All meetings, events and parties will be held in one venue, the MGM Grand, located in the heart of the amazing, one-of-a-kind Las Vegas Strip. Special events are planned to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the JCI Senate at the 2002 Congress. The exceptionally low Congress room rate is set at US$109 per night for double occupancy. However, delegates will be offered alternative rates. JCI Secretary General Ellerbe reported costs for the headquarters hotel have never been less than US$175 a night during the last 20 years. The Congress registration fee is US$350 before September 15, 2002, and US$400 thereafter. You can register electronically online from the JCI website, and you can directly book your rooms with MGM Grand online on their website as well. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, with nonstop entertainment that makes it one of the world?s most exciting venues. The Organizing Committee will make every effort to ensure everyone understands that, during Congress, delegates can take care of business while enjoying Las Vegas? vast options of amusement and fun. In line with the SPC One-Vision mandate, the Las Vegas Congress theme will be the corporate slogan: ?Entrepreneurs in Action.? There will be special programs for spouses, children and Senators. This year?s Congress will take place during the week of Thanksgiving, a national holiday in the United States. To celebrate this holiday and to express thanks for our global Junior Chamber family, JCI will host a large global Thanksgiving Dinner during Congress. 2001 Barcelona Congress JCI Immediate Past President Georges Bouverat praised the Organizing Committee for redesigning the whole congress in only two months after the September terrorist attacks. Highlights of the very successful 56th Barcelona JCI Congress were reported: ? It was exciting for participants to stand united against terrorism and for Junior Chamber?s beliefs. ? Barcelona Congress attendance and revenues enabled JCI to finish 2001 with a surplus instead of the major deficit feared after the September terrorist attacks. ? The ambience of Barcelona and Catalonia was invigorating. ? Attendance totaled over 4,000 members from more than 100 countries. ? An outstanding 19th TOYP Ceremony was organized. ? The first Best Business Plan of the World Competition Awards was presented. ? Historic constitutional and policy amendments, which will shape Junior Chamber?s future for years to come, were approved. Highlights of Recent Congresses 1992: Miami?5,500 delegates, largest in Area C 1993: Hong Kong?6,242 delegates, largest outside Japan 1994: Kobe?13,000 delegates, largest congress 1995: Glasgow?4,200 delegates, largest ever in Area D 1996: Pusan?7,014 delegates, largest outside Japan 1997: Hawaii?5,200 delegates, second-largest congress held outside of Area B 1998: Manila?4,000 delegates from 90 countries enjoyed quality in every area and unforgettable Mabuhay spirit 1999: Cannes?4,500 delegates from 95 countries experienced the last congress of the 20th century 2000: Sapporo?More than 8,000 delegates from nearly 100 countries experienced the first congress of the new millennium. 2001: Barcelona?More than 4,000 delegates from over 100 countries stood united against terrorism for Junior Chamber ideals. 2003 JCI Conferences Area A ====== Libreville, Gabon May 28?31, 2003 Registration Fee: US$120 Area B ====== Cebu, Philippines May 21 ? 25, 2003 Registration Fee: US$200 Area C ====== Edmonton, Canada May 7-11, 2003 Registration Fee: US$200 Area D ====== Birmingham, England June 4?7, 2003 Registration Fee: US$294 early; US$324 late 2004 JCI Conferences?Possible Venues ******************************** Area A ====== Madagascar Area B ====== Penang, Malaysia Area C ====== Guayaquil, Ecuador Area D ====== Lausanne, Switzerland The 15th JCI Japan Academy During the JCI Board meeting, Japanese delegates provided information and showed video on the Academy. The 15th JCI Academy will be held in Shonan-Fujisawa, Japan, on July 21-28, 2002. Its focus will be ?Universal Harmony with Dynamic Diversity,? in conjunction with the JCI corporate slogan, ?Entrepreneurs in Action!? Academy organizers will endeavor to make the 15th JCI Academy the best of the best, and to ensure all participants enjoy very special moments. 1993 JCI President Albert Hiribarrondo will be the head coach. The deadline for receipt of applications will be March 31, 2002. JCI Business Academy The JCI Business Academy?the first JCI program operated totally from the web?offers members the opportunity to certify their business skills. It includes five certification levels, which take into account business and management life experiences. The website will have a searchable database so members can enroll on the web, update their certification online, and download programs with information on projects chapters can conduct. Training and certification will also be offered at JCI congresses. Taking into account the participant?s business and management life experiences, the Business Academy provides five levels of certification: International Business Associate, International Business Manager, International Business Executive, International Chief Executive, and International Business Fellow. Special 2002 Business Commission goals include: -- Coordinate ?How to Write a Business Plan? training at all area meetings -- Increase participation in the ?Best Business Plan of the World? -- Seek partnership with a university
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