Noticias — June 01, 2016


The Vocational Academy Program embarked on by the Ghana Chapter of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) has been endorsed by Mr. Ryad Subratty, an International Vice President of the JCI Movement. He lauded the initiative as progressive and a bold attempt towards tackling youth unemployment which falls under Goal 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals, Decent Work and Economic Growth. ???JCI Ghana???s initiative will empower the lives of young people by equipping them with not only vocational skills, but soft skills to enhance their professional and personnel development and in the long run develop their various communities.??? Mr. Subratty said.
Delving into the details of the Vocational Academy, the National President of JCI Ghana, Mr. John Stephen Agbenyo emphasized that JCI Ghana is an organization of young active citizens, as such with collective skills, knowledge and best practices from its membership, will implement a quarterly vocational academy for young people in Ghana. The target groups would include out of school Junior High School students, seamstresses, tailors, hairdressers, waitresses, weavers, drivers, all sorts of craftsmen and women. ???Beneficiary young people would be equipped with entrepreneurial and soft skills to help them set up their own businesses in order to create livelihood for themselves while those already in business would get their managerial and accounting skills enhanced to keep them in business. This would be followed by managerial and leaderships skills trainings to help the participants manage and build their various business centres.??? He reiterated. JCI Vice President RyadSubratty visited Ghana from April 5 -8, 2016. During this historic four day visit, Mr. Subrattymet the Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. NiiLanteyVandapuije and his deputy Hon Vincent OppongAsamoah, officials of the American Embassy in Ghana who are partnering with JCI Ghana to undertake an HIV/AIDS Anti-Stigmatization Project in Kumasi, as well as a meeting with JCI Ghana National Board of Directors and a cross section of JCI Members in Ghana. He also had an interview on the Breakfast Show of Ghana Television as well held Impact Talk Forum on the Role of the Youth in Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals at the main campus of the Ghana Technology University College in Accra. Other highlights during the visit include Vice President Ryad tour of JCI Project sites in Ghana such as the Brighten Your Corner Project, a long-term Library and Reading Project at the South La Primary School in Accra. This Project is line with SDG 4 which gears towards enhancing quality education in the world. He also interacted with the JCI Ghana Business Directorate and encouraged them to keep up the good spirit and team work especially towards the publication of the JCI Ghana Blue Book, a publication of vital JCI information as well a directory for JCI affiliates both local and international. Read more at:
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