Noticias — March 12, 2002

Job Opportunities--JCI Business and Programs Manager

As we relocate to St. Louis, we are offering job opportunities for several positions, including that of JCI Business and Programs Manager. Candidates should meet the following requirements: -- Have served at the local or national level. -- Have knowledge of the organization and its structures. -- Have participated in planning and implementing projects and programs at the local or national level. -- Be proficient in English AND at least one of the following: Spanish, French or Japanese.. -- Have attended at least one World Congress or Area Conference. -- Be willing to relocate to the JCI Headquarters. If you have training experience, please elaborate.
JCI Business and Programs Manager Job Description The Business and Programs Manager is responsible for providing administrative support for programs carried by JCI, such as Business Academy, Best Business Plan (BBP) Competition, TOYP Program, and other JCI institutional programs. He or she is also responsible for coordinating and promoting the JCI Awards Program, and overseeing the contents and publishing of the JCI Awards Manual and the Award Manual for each Area. Under the supervision of the Department Head, the Business and Programs Manager is also responsible for handling administrative matters. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. To perform the following routine clerical duties: a. Handle incoming and outgoing communications with Individual members, NOMs, LOMs and NGOs. b. Handle information inquiries and requests related to JCI Programs and JCI institutional relations in general. c. Handle communications with NOMs and LOMs regarding Award trophies sponsored by them, and maintain control of trophy stocks. d. Maintain a file system for TOYP, JCI institutional relations and JCI Awards. e. Compose and proofread scripts, and provide coordination if necessary, for the TOYP Ceremony and any other program or presentation at the Area Conferences and World Congresses, as needed. f. Offer back up in welcoming visitors. 2. To assist the Area Directors: a. Coordinate and handle JCI Awards by updating and publishing the JCI Awards Manual and each Area Awards Manual, drafting ceremony scripts, and preparing presentations related to the Awards Program at Area Conferences and World Congress. b. Provide administrative support for the TOYP program under the supervision of the Department Head. c. Provide administrative support for the Best Business Plan (BBP) Competition under the supervision of the appointed BBP Chairman. d. Provide support to organize Area Conferences, World Congress, JBM and MYE regarding room arrangements and preparation of meeting/seminar room layouts as directed by the Executive Director. e. Coordinate World Congress shipment. 3. To undertake any other responsibilities or duties at Area Conferences and World Congress. Please submit your resume as an MS Word document to Secretary General Benny Ellerbe ( and Executive Director Edson A. Kodama ( by Friday, March 29.
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