Noticias — April 03, 2002

January Board Meeting Highlights (Part Three)

Growth and Development ********************* Development grants were approved for PRIME and EXCEL courses at all four JCI Area Conferences, as well as for a two-day Area A National Leadership Training course, South African Regional Development training, the establishment of a new NOM in Seychelles, and Indian leadership and training programs. Grants were also approved for a Malaysian Membership Strategy Forum and Membership Development Kit, the 4th American Local Presidents Summit, and the 8th Junior Chamber Norway Leadership Academy, as well as for a growth and development consultant to create a three-year membership growth program for Norway, and for sustained growth and extension in Junior Chamber Turkey.
Share the Fever ************** Board members were particularly impressed by the example set by Coconut Grove Junior Chamber in Florida, which grew by more than 100 members in a year. "I believe we can break the trend and grow. We can follow the example of Coconut Grove Junior Chamber, which grew by 100 members in one year. We must share this type of fever with other chapters,? urged JCI Vice President Boydee Dizon from the Philippines. JCI Secretary General Ellerbe strongly concurred: ?We need to catch the fever like Coconut Grove Jaycees based on commitment and friendship. We must share this type of special friendship and our vision of peace with the world. Following the horrific events of the September 11 attacks, now more than ever we must be an antidote to terrorism, showing people that the world can live in peace. We should be ambassadors of peace and internationalism.?
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