Noticias — April 03, 2002

JCI G11 Summit in Canada

Canada Junior Chamber will host the JCI G11 Summit on June 22-27, 2002, in Calgary. Since the 2000 G8 meeting in Okinawa, Japan, JCI has hosted a conference each year concurrently with the governmental G8 meetings. Junior Chamber National Presidents of G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) have participated. Last year in Genoa, Italy, observers from other countries also attended.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At last year?s Genoa conference, delegates passed a motion to conduct a G11 rather than a G8 Summit in 2002, inviting National Presidents from the countries above, as well as from Brazil, China and India. Additionally, governmental leaders were urged to include those National Presidents in their meetings. Canada?s Summit in 2002 in Calgary, Alberta, will focus on global economic development, anti-terrorism and Africa. Considering not only last year?s Genoa Summit?which was fraught with violence, as have many other international government meetings?but also, even more importantly, the terrorist attacks of September 11, Canada Junior Chamber has proposed hosting a Town Hall forum to assist in averting future problems. The objective will be to allow NGOs, special interest groups and individuals the opportunity to make their views public in a controlled environment where they can peacefully express their opinions. Members of the media would also be invited. National Presidents of the G11 countries will be invited to attend the conference as guests of Canada Junior Chamber, which will cover all their expenses after arrival until departure from Calgary International Airport.
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