Noticias — April 03, 2002

JCI Foundation?Projects Around the Globe

Interest generated from the JCI Foundation is allocated to JCI?s Development Program, helping NOMs carry out important Junior Chamber projects.
During 2001, JCI provided financial assistance in the form of development grants to encourage growth by supporting specific projects and training events. A JCI Foundation grant helped fund the 2nd JCI African Academy in Kenya (photo). Funds were allocated for the following projects: ? To revive Ghana and Morocco Junior Chambers ? To organize international Training Schools in Africa ? To host an Excel course in the Philippines ? To increase membership in Sri Lanka Junior Chamber ? To help establish a LOM in the south of Argentina ? To help establish a LOM in Rio de Janeiro ? To leverage new technologies and communication formats ? To promote growth and development in West Indies Junior Chamber ? To establish a three-year long-range plan to ensure growth and development in British Junior Chamber ? To conduct a Mediterranean Training Academy ? To consolidate Junior Chamber Ireland?s growth to 1,000 members and 25 LOMs ? To achieve membership growth in Latvia and other Baltic NOMs by organizing JCI leadership training programs and an international PRIME ? To increase membership in Norway Honor Your Chapter President Through the JCI Foundation ************************************************ You can honor your chapter president through a donation to the JCI Foundation. The JCI Foundation Board of Directors adopted a plan at the 1996 JCI Congress in Pusan, Korea, allowing chapters to become Foundation patrons. Giving to the Foundation is an exceptional way to honor an outgoing chapter president or an outstanding member not yet eligible for a JCI Senatorship. Your chapter will receive a pin for every US$1,000 donation, and a special chapter plaque. A panel of honor at JCI Headquarters will display the names of the most generous chapters of the world. At area conferences and world congresses, the chapter president or the chapter's nominee will get a Foundation ribbon and an invitation to all Foundation events. Japan Junior Chamber has significantly led the way in chapter contributions to the Foundation, as 35 out of 42 donations have come from Japanese chapters. In 2001, once again, Japan Junior Chamber?s chapters and members contributed strongly, providing more than 50 percent of the total donated. Your JCI Foundation on the Web *************************** For information and updates about your JCI Foundation, you have around-the-clock access via the JCI Website. Go to, select ?Services? from the menu at the top of the page, and select ?JCI Foundation.? You can also use the search engine on the site?s home page. Online JCI Foundation and Senate Newsletter Golden Tidings, the newsletter for the JCI Foundation and Senate, is available on JCI?s website, starting with its first 2002 issue. Subscribe so you can keep abreast of the latest Foundation happenings and help promote the Foundation to ensure Junior Chamber?s growth and development. You may subscribe and update your records by these easy methods: ? Visit on the Internet, and click ?Subscribe.? You can submit your email address and update your personal information directly on the website?s Newsletter page. ? Email a note to JCI will update your records and include your name in the email list. JCI Foundation Growth ******************* The assets of the JCI Foundation have grown dramatically since 1978: Year Assets 1978 US$5,123 1980 US$32,668 1985 US$674,438 1990 US$1,180,918 1995 US$1,991,750 2000 US$3,182,723 Donations by Area and Country ************************* Contributions have been received from Areas B, D, C, and A, with Area B showing the highest total contribution and Area A the lowest. The ten top donor countries are: Japan Korea Taiwan USA Belgium Hong Kong Finland Switzerland Singapore Philippines How to Contribute to the JCI Foundation? ********************************** To make your donation at any level, you can send a personal check, money order, or bank check drawn in US dollars, or use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Club. Cash is also accepted. For wire transfers, please use the following information: Bank of America MO1-058-01-01 500 Chesterfield Center Drive Chesterfield, MO 63017 Account No: 003477018648 ABA (routing No.): 081000032 Jaycees International Foundation, Inc. JCI Foundation Contributions **************************** You can contribute the Jaycees International (JCI) Foundation, Inc., at any of the following levels: ? David Chua-Unsu Patron (US$20,000) ? Henry Giessenbier Fellow (US$10,000) ? Phil Pugsley Patron (US$5,000) ? Phil Pugsley Patron (US$1,000) ? John Armbruster Donor (US$500) ? Foundation Donor (US$100) Please print your name as it should appear on the plaque. Name: Address: Country: Email: JCI Senator No. (if applicable): Company (if a corporate donor): You can send a personal check, money order, or bank check in US dollars, or use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Club. Card No.: Expiration Date: Cardholder?s Name: Signature: For more information: E-mail: Website:
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