Noticias — April 03, 2002

JCI is Opening a Temporary Headquarters in St. Louis

Following the historic directive of the 2001 Barcelona World Congress General Assembly, JCI is opening a temporary headquarters in Chesterfield Village, an area renowned for its beautiful landscaping (see photo), in St. Louis, Missouri.
The temporary headquarters will operate there until the permanent new headquarters is built in Chesterfield Village in 8 to 10 months. The temporary 4000-square-foot office space was offered to JCI in a short-term lease until the new headquarters is completed. A Generous Donation ***************** Louis Sachs, a benefactor specializing in land development, is helping JCI build its new headquarters in its birthplace city by donating nearly two acres of land in Chesterfield Village. The donation, worth nearly US$2 million, is the largest gift Junior Chamber has ever received. An architect has been engaged to design the new headquarters. JCI will build a one-story, 10,000-square-foot edifice, designed with open spaces and flexibility to meet the organization?s current and future needs in the Third Millennium. When the new Headquarters opens, JCI will purchase new computers, 2003 software, a new server, and new office furniture. Upscale, Dynamic Community *************************** Chesterfield is an upscale, prosperous and dynamic community with a population of 40,000. Situated along the high-tech corridor of Highway 40/Interstate 64, only twenty-five minutes west of downtown St. Louis, Chesterfield Village is particularly known for its lush and beautiful landscaping. For more than 30 years, Sachs Properties has specialized in commercial property development, leasing and property management. All of Sachs Properties? buildings are conveniently located in the Chesterfield Village, a 1,500-acre, master-planned development of offices, residences, restaurants, hotels, shops and other services. In a typical year, Sachs? crews prune some 2,500 trees, shape 8,500 shrubs, manicure 40 acres of lawn, and tend to more than 25,000 flowering plants. For more information, go to The Coral Gables Building ************************* JCI is requesting a zoning change to "commercial" to resolve a zoning challenge. Four offers to buy the building have been declined because they were below the building?s appraised value. Job Opportunities for Members ***************************** JCI advertised?in Web ?JCI News? and by ?eNews??job opportunities for several administrative positions in the new St. Louis Headquarters. Candidates were required to have served at the local or national level, have knowledge of planning and implementing Junior Chamber projects and programs, and be proficient in English as well as in Spanish, French or Japanese. The worldwide response was overwhelming?more than 100 resumes were received from candidates eager to work at the JCI Headquarters.
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