Noticias — April 04, 2002

Job Opportunities--JCI Area B Director

As we relocate to St. Louis, we are offering job opportunities for several positions, including that of JCI Area B Director.
Candidates should meet the following requirements: -- Have served at least at both the local and national levels. (List international experience/position if any.) -- Have knowledge of the organization and its structures. -- Have participated in planning and implementing projects and programs at the local or national level. -- Be proficient in English (a must). -- Have attended at least one JCI World Congress or Area Conference. -- Be willing to relocate to the JCI Headquarters. Please indicate level of proficiency in any other languages and, if you have training experience, please elaborate. JCI Area B Director Job Description ****************************** The Director of Growth and Development for Area B is responsible for the execution of the Secretary General's program of activities in Area B. The Director renders growth and development assistance based on JCI's Plan of Action, and carries out the necessary field work as per the growth and development plan for the Area. Within the guidelines established from time to time, the Director is responsible for the duties set forth below: 1. Develop plans and objectives that encourage the growth and development of Junior Chamber organizations and individual members in the Area. 2. Administer the implementation of those aspects of the JCI Plan of Action assigned by the Secretary General within projected target dates, as indicated in the plan. 3. Assist in the promotion and implementation of training programs; provide the professional training and management skills to effectively administer Junior Chamber organizations at all levels; and provide the necessary tools and programs. 4. Promote the use and implement programs in the four JCI Areas of Opportunity in National Organizations and chapters. 5. Respond to all inquiries from NOMs, LOMs and Individual Members in a timely manner. 6. Constantly evaluate activities in the Area and make recommendations to the Area Team (JCI EVP, JCI VPs and APDC). 7. Assist the Conference chairman and Conference organizing committee in the organization of the Area Conference providing quality meetings, training sessions and opportunities to members for networking and leadership enhancement. 8. Undertake development trips when necessary to evaluate activities in the National Organizations in the Area, and assist, advise, and train national officers and members when required. 9. Ensure that expenditures in the Area are incurred in accordance with policy and budgetary provisions. 10. Promote the Jaycees International Foundation, JCI Awards Program, Twinning Program, World Speaking Competition at Area Conference, Best Business Plan Competition, Business Academy, JCI Training Institute, and Certification Commission. 11. Undertake development trips as necessary to evaluate NOM activities, and assist, advise, and train NOM officers. OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES a. Execute all responsibilities related to the World Congress as assigned by the Department Head or the Secretary General. b. Undertake all other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Department Head or the Secretary General from time to time. c. Coordinate matters of common interest with other directors in the department. Please submit your resume as an MS Word document to Secretary General Benny Ellerbe ( and Executive Director Edson A. Kodama ( by Friday, March 29, 2002.
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