Noticias — April 12, 2002

My dear friends:

Since my inauguration speech in Barcelona, in all my presentations and visits, I have been promoting a philosophy of maximum participation from all members in defining the future of our organization. With that philosophy in mind, I would like to present our new website to you. For all of us, this website must be a tool for communications and opportunities that strengthens our organization?s broad network and power. It must be an opportunity for us and for all young people looking for quality, creativity and leadership. We have designed a website structure to achieve greater automation and agility in broadcasting contents, all of it conceived with maximum professionalism. This structure has been created to transform our Web space into useful space for the Junior Chamber member in particular and for young people in general. We have planned for the creation of forums and chat spaces in order to achieve greater interactivity and closeness among members around the world and the areas of interest peculiar to our organization: training, area conferences, world congress, JCI staff, etc. We have also created a differentiated structure with a general level offering select contents for the occasional visitor, and a restricted-access level with more detailed information and exclusive services for the member. This year we will establish new services and contents, but, above all, offer new possibilities. With this new instrument, we will be able to change the way we work and communicate. We are going to take maximum advantage of the possibilities afforded to us by the Internet, a multiple tool without borders, to promote exchanges and ensure it becomes a meeting-place for thousands of Jaycees around the planet. We will thus create a stronger, more useful JCI, a common space that will be more accessible to every member.
Our provider has been working closely with the JCI staff for a few months performing a job that is as important and intense as it is obscure. Today, after creating this new and potent instrument?from the technical point of view?I would like to ask all members of the organization to take part in building this Web space to transform it into a useful tool for all of us and a point of reference for all young people in the world. For all the above to be a success, we need your collaboration. Please send us your email address and the email addresses of your friends. The objective is to have, for the Las Vegas World Congress, a database of more than 100,000 addresses. That is the only way to transform this common space into a more attractive space for Junior Chamber members, and thus contribute to strengthen our movement and attract more sponsors, institutions, business centers and young people around the world. We?ll be awaiting your comments. Meanwhile, receive my warm regards. Salvi Batlle JCI President
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