Noticias — April 26, 2002

Meet your JCI Officers

Who are the dedicated members who are leading Junior Chamber International this year? We'll meet them one by one. This time, let's meet JCI Vice President Houssem Bel Hadj, who appears (dressed in white) in this picture taken during an officers training school. JCI Vice President Houssem Bel Hadj Born in Bizerta, Tunisia, on February 6, 1968, Houssem Bel Hadj holds a master's degree in business administration, and heads the promotion and economic studies department of the Bizerta Free Zone Development Company. He resides in Bizerta with his wife Sonia. Impressed by Junior Chamber's positive image, the quality and diversity of its members, its creed, and its large network of local and national organizations, Houssem became a member in 1993. He participated in various local and national activities, serving as president of his chapter in 1997, as regional executive vice president in 2000, and as national president in 2001. At the international level, he served as a member of the Membership Strategy Forum in 2001. Houssem has attended three JCI Area Conferences and four JCI World Congresses. He is a PRIME graduate (1999). During 2002, as JCI Vice President, he is assigned to Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Mali, and Senegal.
His goals in Junior Chamber include sharing his experience with other members all over the world and continuing the learning process he started by joining Junior Chamber in 1993. Houssem feels that, thanks to Junior Chamber, he has achieved greater effectiveness and professionalism, as well as more acceptance and respect for people. He has also made friends from all over the world, discovered new fields, and learned to be patient. For members aspiring to become JCI Officers, Houssem's advice is to work hard and accomplish their missions at all levels, and to be sincere, honest, humble, and patient. He also recommends being open to change, learning, taking part in JCI events, and believing in internationalism.
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