Noticias — May 01, 2002

Happiness in Sendai, Japan

Photo: Sendai Aoba-Matsuri Festival. On the third Sunday of May, a parade of people dressed as ancient warriors and priests march along zelkova-lined streets. Dear Fellow Jaycees, We have only a few days left before the Area B (Asian-Pacific) Conference (ASPAC) in Happiness Sendai, Japan! This will be the first time that a local Junior Chamber from this northern part of Japan will host the ASPAC. The members of the Conference Organizing Committee are extremely excited to welcome an expected 10,000 delegates to the beautiful city of Sendai! We are equally excited to experience the first ASPAC with a paperless General Assembly, a training program designed to make our delegates want to sign up in all seminars, excellent speakers, national nights to remember, and much more.
Just as with good wine, it took the Sendai Jaycees 15 years to prepare for this ASPAC, and they promise to give the best that they can offer. I invite you all to be part of this wonderful experience! See you in Sendai! Executive Vice President Marcel Fernan Conference Chairman 2002 ASPAC in Sendai
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