Noticias — May 03, 2002

Meet your JCI Officers

This time, let's meet a JCI Vice President from Area B, from the Philippines? JCI Vice President Rafael "Boydee" Papa Dizon, III In Bacolod City, a beautiful Philippine city with Sister-City ties with Long Beach, California, United States, Rafael "Boydee" Papa Dizon, III, was born August 6, 1970. Dizon, who holds a bachelor's of science degree in business administration and is a business entrepreneur, resides in the capital city of Manila. After joining Junior Chamber in 1991, Dizon participated in numerous local and national activities, and served as local president in 1997 and as national president in 2000. He has attended nine JCI Area Conferences and nine JCI World Congresses, and was presented with a JCI Senatorship, evidence of his dedication to Junior Chamber and of his efforts to promote the organization.
He was elected JCI Vice President at the 56th JCI World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2001. As JCI Vice President during 2002, he is serving the national organization members (NOMs) of Australia, Fiji, India, New Zealand, and Pacific (Guam). JCI Vice President Dizon would like the organization to grow. During the last January Board Meeting, he urged, "I believe we can break the trend and grow. We can follow the example of Coconut Grove Junior Chamber [Florida, United States], which grew by 100 members in one year. We must share this type of fever with other chapters."
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