JCI ESKISEHIR/supporting creatieve housewifes


Ezgi Oktas


febrero 2, 2012


creatieve housewifes

Personas impactadas



While we were organizing one of our national summit, we would like to support some housewifes who made some handmade stuff.

Visión general

We think how we support our cities public while we organize one of our national summit. Then we have learned that some housewife produced things which has Eskisehir symbols products. We invite them for a meeting how we support them. The housewifes explanied "we produced lots of products which is about our city but the problem is we cant find anywhere to sell them" we understand that they need to show and present to their products. We gave a place in our foyer in this organization. They displayed their handmade products and they find a chance to sell to the JCI members.

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