JCI UK Inspiration Day 2012


Solveig Malvik


febrero 8, 2012


All members

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Inspiration Day is a day for everyone to come together and be inspired to kick off the year. JCI members, Local Presidents, National Board, Senators and non-members alike are welcome to join us for an active and inspiring day. In 2012 the theme for the day is "Making a difference" in line with the JCI UK 2012 theme "Make a difference". We will look at how JCI can make a difference in the UK in 2012. We will listen to inspiring key note speaker Noam Kostucki, a man who has made a difference and helped others make a difference too. Then we will take our action out on the streets of Birmingham and help the new JCI Chamber in Birmingham get off the ground.

Visión general

The day includes tea and coffee, and lunch. For those staying over there will be an optional dinner in the evening. In addition to an overview of JCI UK in 2012, workshops and activities, we will also meet organisations and partners that can help us make a difference in 2012. The day was organised by the National Board as no local organisation was interested in taking it on, so one of the objectives of the day was to organise a day that made it more attractive for LOMs to organise national events. We also had a visit from JCI VP Jukka Vainionpaa, who mingled with members and was very helpful.

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