The Outsanding Student Awards 2011 Preliminary Screening


Adonairam Catapia


febrero 22, 2012


Deserving Students who excel in Leadership, Academics, and Community Service

Personas impactadas



January 8, 2011 The objective of the Preliminary Screening is to select the top 10 students from each Category (high school and college) who will be qualified for the Finalists Forum which will then select the Top 3 outstanding students.

Visión general

The THOS Award is widely considered as the most prestigious recognition for the best and brightest students in Bacolod City and the entire island of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Organized by the then Bacolod Jaycees in 1970, the THOS project aims to give due recognition to the outstanding achievements of students who strove for excellence in all their undertakings in the hope that this may also inspire other young achievers. Awardees are selected on the basis of academic excellence, leadership potential, dedication and hard work, integrity as well as social responsibility. Over the years, the award has become an institution, having developed a reputation for its selectiveness of outstanding students upon whom the award is conferred. The awardees who have become light of our community and of the nation for their continuing achievements.

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