JCI Nigeria Olympics (Folusho Oluleye Sports Competition)


Wale Bakare


abril 19, 2012


JCI Ibadan, Young Members of the Ibadan Business Community

Personas impactadas



1. To successfully organize the 2012 edition of the JCI Nigeria Olympics to provide an opportunity for participants to have fun 2. To foster social interaction and networking amongst members of various local organizations in JCI Nigeria 3. To foster interaction between the Ibadan Business Community and JCI Nigeria members thereby aiding JCI Ibadan’s membership drive.

Visión general

The event had in attendance over 250 Participants from Local Organisations in JCI Nigeria and Staff of 5Selected Companies in Ibadan who are of JCI age. It held on Good Friday (A work free National Holiday) from 10am at the Ibadan Recreation Club and an All night party held at Glory view Hotel where Participants also lodged. Participants competed for Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in Football, Ayo Olopon, Video Games, Scrabble, Table Tennis, Chess, Ludo, Snookers, Playing cards, 100M Male & Female, Dancing Competition


Local organisations are advised to organise events like this for members of their community to get more members


Many people made more friends. JCI Ibadan and JCI Nigeria will get more members to impact the world

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