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Thomas Nghiem


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Local SMEs owner: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe

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Tourists are afraid to travel to Da Lat and other tourist cities. They are afraid to be affected by Covid and be quarantined

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Da Lat was the safest city due to the least number of Covid-affected patients. Therefore, Da Lat’s tourism had the unbelievable chance to promote the city tourism as a safety choice for domestic Vietnamese tourist. Da Lat had a safer covid prevention compared to Nha Trang city or Da Nang City … As a result, JCI Da Lat saw the marketing opporunity to market Da Lat as the safest tourist choice and produce a social marketing project called "Đà Lạt Đợi." The project would help SMEs in Da Lat remind domestic tourists to come back Da Lat after Covid

Visión general

After Covid-19 pandemic, Da Lat city's economy was hit hard due to be heavily depended on tourism and services. More than 16.000 booking rooms with 31.200 booking nights were canceled. Estimated loss profit was around 19 billion VND. The Da Lat city government and local hotels, restaurants, and tourist businesses were looking for diverse solutions to promote the comeback of tourists and the economic restoration. JCI Da Lat innovated a social marketing project called “Đà Lạt Đợi” to help SMEs, especially tourist sector, to raise a calling voice of the tourist comeback after Covid.

Actions Taken

Organizing team and managing project
Writing content on facebook page
Photographing popular attractions and locations
Designing avatar frame so all followers can spread the message out
Creating a Fanpage to attract the followers
Publishing hashtag #Dalatdoi on facebook to create awareness
Asking for the participation of local tv and news
Announcing the project and asking for the participation of SMEs in Da Lat
Announcing the project and asking for the participation of SMEs in Da Lat


The project created viralness and spread the positive message "Đà Lạt Đợi" to domestic tourists in the local scale and national scale: "Da Lat is waiting for you and missing you. Please come back any time (after Covid). You are always welcome." For media outlets, the project was feature on Lâm Đồng TV in the city, as well as, on national channel VTV3:

VTV3 link: https://www.facebook.com/DaLatDoi/videos/264491684796120
Lâm Đòng TV:https://www.facebook.com/DaLatDoi/videos/251922686032585
Lâm Đồng Radio: https://www.facebook.com/DaLatDoi/videos/243800880210107

In term of social online marketing, JCI Da Lat has created the viralness with:
- 2000 sharing hashtag #Dalatdoi and frame avatar changes.
- A fanpage called "Đà Lạt Đợi" with 487 followers

Local newspaper and national newspaper have reported the project:

1. Tiền Phong News: https://www.tienphong.vn/gioi-tre/nhung-nguoi-tre-mo-chien-dich-da-lat-doi-moi-goi-du-khach-1662381.tpo?fbclid=IwAR3z37HWMgKruge67PmBT6TGLCnaTH7Y_ZNU-ZEEIcvNFdFij6TqPNBXRzI

2. Lâm Đồng News: http://baolamdong.vn/dulich/202005/da-lat-doi-du-an-chung-tay-hanh-dong-quang-ba-kich-cau-du-lich-cua-gioi-tre-3004467/index.htm?fbclid=IwAR1yRhwXGhMF3eniFAN_BdGb15ireOP7WndKIgQL2UAMwxd_Cs0jbAhuETY

In the end, "Đà Lạt Đợi" has risen the voice of SMES and Da Lat tourism, fighting back the dreadful influence of Cô Vy (Covid). The positive message has created collective resonance with the tourists' need and Da Lat tourism; therefore, JCI Da Lat has many willing partnership from all local press and media. JCI Da Lat has impressed the local community nicely, as well as, executed the JCI mission "Empower young people to create positive changes."


Due to the limited budget, the "Đà Lạt Đợi" project only could finish the Phase 1 of the project that was aimed to spreading the positive comeback message for tourists and SMEs. The Phase 2 would be giving discount deals by letting tourists play online gaming to win discount deals leading to increase revenue for SMEs businesses.
However, the project has been boosting the positive comback of tourists. Even JCI Da Lat is a two year chapter, the project has helped JCI Da Lat reflect the JCI spirit: "Empowering young people" (by changing the avatar, spreading the message on facebook, cheering the comeback of tourist).


JCI Da Lat - Nguyễn Thị Diệp Thúy - Phone: 0944.001.169

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