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Helping Ukrainean Refugees located in Moldova

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Helping over 2000 Ukrainean refugees (mothers and children) survive in Moldova ( supplying food and hygiene products) and helping with the social integration in the Moldovan community.

Visión general

In 24th of February situation in Ukraine changed and since then JCI Chisinau decided to be actively involved in helping the refugees reaching in Moldova by supplying them in the first phase with hygiene products and non-perishable food. The second stage of the project is focused on helping the refugees with the social integration in the Moldovan community.


1.We helped 1,500 refugees (mothers, children, eldery) from 5 counties of Moldova, in 50 localities.
2. We had 2 actions of distribution per week since the beginning of the situation in Ukraine. - each action had around 50 families helped.
3.Through our campaign we managed to raise 25.000 Euros and all the money went directly to refugees in form of hygiene products and non-perishable food.
4. Signed different partnerships with NGO's and commercial company to help us in the organization of the distribution.
5. Since 01.04.2022 we took over the administration of a hotel in the village of Porumbeni where 46 refugees are sheltered out of which 25 children.
6. At the moment we have a partnership where we are reconstructing a Municipal Library that will become a refugee learning center for refugees ,where they will be able to communicate and have different activities that will help them with a smooth integration in the Moldovan society.
7. At the time of submission JCI Chisinau is getting involved in refugee integration and focus on integration in the labor field, through JCI brand trainings.



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