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Elizabeth Mathew


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Inmates of tribal girl students hostel, cochin and tribal students (grade 8 to college going students) in and around cochin city

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


Give opportunities to scheduled tribe students whoa re otherwise sidelined


Five training programs and six activities were conducted during the course of 10 months. Training programs focused on career orientation, motivation and communication. Menstrual health and hygiene was another core area. Of the 30 odd inmates (all in grade 12 or college) of tribal hostel, 12 appeared for interviews in various sectors and 2 got placed in reputed private sector firms. Among the 250 students we targeted, close to 70 developed confidence to speak in public; they were made to speak on various occasions during and outside our training sessions. 17 of them participated in the public speaking contest organized by us. And 2 were selected to the finals.

With regard to menstrual health and hygiene, 12 girls of the tribal hostel switched to menstrual cup, for sustainable purposes. Over 20 inmates shared their experience of having better menstrual and post menstrual days by practising hygiene methods. Itching and irritation went down. Thus good health and hygiene were promoted, apart from personality development. And we have tangible results.


More inclusive events and activities need to be conducted to help tribal student to shed their inhibitions and be part of the mainline society. Communication skills and confidence should be augmented through trainings and other activities


JC Dr. Elizabeth V. Mathew - JCI Cochin

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