311 Taichung bicycle road trip - Matsu culture festival


Ta-Ming Juan


junio 19, 2017


Taichung city, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Making more JCI exposure to thousands of people when they are riding bicycle and stop by check-point.

Visión general

In Taiwan, Matzu is one of the most popular Taoism faiths around the country. There are many temples and the most popular one is Dajia Matzu temple. It separates six different temples to different area of Taichung city, and they unites to host one of the biggest bicycle road trip of the year. It's approximately 20000 riders starting from Dajia Matzu temple, and ride around other 5 temples. During the trip, people see the beauty of Taichung city, each area has its own specialty. The tour hopes to gain more people concerning to community, and develop the local wellness.


It should prepare more supplements as more people than expected.


Thousands of people sees JCI logo and ideas during the handover.

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