Mzamomhle Computer Literacy


Sinazo Alungile Novukela


junio 1, 2017


Physically and mentally handicapped individuals in a remote rural area

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Educación de Calidad


The project is aimed at helping individuals who are housed under a Day-care Centre for physically and mentally handicapped to give them the basic computer literacy that is well within their reach and their ability to learn.

Visión general

The project is implemented at Mzamomhle Day-Care Centre which is a special school for the mentally and physically handicapped based at a rural remote village. Everything at the school is run on voluntary basis as it is not funded by the government, which leaves some parts of learning neglected due to lack of sources. We then decided to provide the centre with basic computer literacy skills since we are part of the global and technological world. The skills provided to them are not complex and include things like using the computer to Microsoft Office, reading, sending emails, typing, saving and printing documents.


An action campaign is needed at the center to bring awareness of the children especially from individuals who specialize in special needs ares. The children are fragile and delicate and need someone who understands them from a professional view. More computers are needed at the center as well. lastly, the children need to be given a chance to be trusted enough when handling the computers

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