Open Medical Day اليوم الطبي المفتوح


Omar Hanash


junio 1, 2017


Jordan, Amman, Om Nowara local Community

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Buena Salud


Serve the local community and refugees for having free medical treatment for poor and needy people

Visión general

In correspondence with the high sense of responsibility towards the local community and in line with its efforts to support the citizens of Om Nowara- Amman, JCI Amman organized a free medical day in cooperation with the Amman municipality on Saturday, 08 April, 2017.This day marked the outstanding initiative by JCI Amman that offered quality services in the fields of General Practitioner, Dentist, internal medicine, Lab test (diabetic check, blood pressure), and gynecologist. All patients were whole-heartedly welcome to be diagnosed and receive appropriate treatment.A fully operational pharmacy was also on site which distributed all prescribed medicines free of charge.


Prepare with longer time and having more doctors and medicines


Over 500 Jordanian, Syrian, Palestinian beneficiaries saw specialized doctors who provided essential health services to the visitors through a standing general medical clinic, dentists, General Lab clinic gynecologist , in addition to a full equipped pharmacy.

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