World Wide Water Awareness Program (JCI Netherlands)


Kjersti Bergsaker-Aspoy


julio 20, 2010


22 schools in regio Bollenstreek/Den Haag till May 2006

Personas impactadas



To make children aware of: The importance of water for the world and The worldwide shortage of water

Visión general

School children are made aware of the importance and scarcity of water by using a specially developed Water Toolkit. Through fun and learning by doing the children are made aware of the of the scope mentioned above.


Stimulate relations with local/regional Councils Stimulate relations within educational system (Schools) Stimulate relations with local/regional Businesses/Sponsors An inspiring project for your chapter Serve the community Free Publicity


Highly enthusiatic pupils and teaching staff Spontaneous requests for enrollment Lessons learned for national roll-out Widely publicised Free Publicity approx. � 8000,--

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