JCI visit to the West Rand Association for Persons with Disablities (WRAPD)


Nyasha Victoria Mazhindu


enero 27, 2011


Members and friends

Personas impactadas



The visit to the West Rand Association for Persons with Disabilities (WRAPD) is aimed at teaching JCI members about persons with disabilities - how to incorporate them into society - how to take care of them - how not to discriminate against them

Visión general

Project made Jaycees more open minded and also made the residents at WRAPD know that they're not any different from all of us


Such events should definitely be done again, in the near future. Not only did the disabled residents have fun and get to eat lots of goodies, members of JCI SA clearly learnt a thing or two.


Jaycees now know that these residents are just "differently abled" and they can do just as much as they want, though differently. - WRAPD residents now know that they're not forgotten when it gets lonely in their enclosure

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