Roll Back Malaria


Gasama Bintu Ikome


marzo 12, 2012


the public

Personas impactadas



-to organize a fund raising concert to purchase mosquito nets for infected areas. -to organize a match pass to sensitize the public on preventive methods of malaria control as well treatments. - to educate the public on the proper use of mosquito nets

Visión general

the project started with the fund raising concert were we had over 90 guests and three artists. much was not raised. the next phase was the match pass along the major streets of Buea. final phase was to be the distribution of nets but funds were not raised to buy nets.


All members of the national organization should show combined interest in local chapter projects


a good number of persons got to learn new tips on malaria prevention and treatment more people became members of JCI University of Buea, and JCI Buea Summit.

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