Presidenter i NETToen


Evy Marie Tofte


febrero 15, 2011


Nothingbutnets campaign

Personas impactadas



We met at leadersummit 2 and had a brainstorming to find new and cool projects to run in JCI Norway. And my group came up with an idea of making a calendar. With presidents wearing nothing but a net.

Visión general

12 Presidents were taken pictures of the 16th of October. And we then tarted the hunt for sponsors. The photographer wanted 7500 NOK and the designer wanted 7000 NOK and the printers that are making 2800 copies want 25 000 NOK. 39 500 NOK And then you have some shipping, commercial etc.


Start earlier! Get sonsors first, and have a designer and photographer ready. make sure the designer and printers have a dialog, so they think the same.


We will have to see, will update thisone soon

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