delicious macaroni sauces


Ezgi Oktas


febrero 15, 2011



Personas impactadas



we organized this project as an happy hour. Our aim was having fun, getting in to touch with new members, learning new sauces for macaroni.

Visión general

We met in Passage Cafe in 9th of February at 18:30. We were 25 members of JCI. Fatih Yetkin who is really famous about kitchen taught us 4 kind of macaroni sauce. We started from spagetti napoliten and bolognese. Then we learned how to make the best taglietelle. We asked too many question to our teacher like how should we cut the onion? how many minutes should we cook the creme in the owen? Then we ate all macaronies.


Some of happy hour activities should be educationel over the year. This is why we organize happy hours once a mounth. Some training which is about cooking, danceing can be enjoyable.

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