"Chair" - Training Session - by JCI Karsiyaka


Ozlem Kocanaogullari


febrero 25, 2011


JCI Karsiyaka members, members of other LOM, potential members of JCI Karsiyaka

Personas impactadas



We have prepared this extraordinary leadership training session for our JCI Karsiyaka Nom members as well as members of other NOM to increase their abilities of leading their own projects and set them vivid symbols in their minds for any dificulties they may face in the future. We have noticed that fun and interactive training sessions such as this one also provide us to meet potential members for our LOM group.

Visión general

Senator Ulug Atasoy was the head trainer for this session and he was assited by two assistant trainers - Ozlem Kocanaogullari and Ezgi Yaman. The training session took approximately 2-3 hours where 3 main games were played and the attendees were asked to comment on their observations. The last module was lead by the head trainer Ulug Atasoy again who summarized the highlights of the training.


We would recommend to keep lists of attendees with their contact information as well. We will be announcing our future activities to these potential members.

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