Tobias Schuhmacher


marzo 21, 2011


members of JCI Germany as well as members of German Parliament

Personas impactadas



The "Know-how-Transfer" is an exchange between management and gouvernment. Members of JCI Germany spend one week with a member of the german Parliament. They take part in the every-day life of the politician and learn to know how decisions are reached. On the other hand, the politicians get an inside view into the interests and needs of (young) entrepreneurs.

Visión general

The week of "Know-how-Transfer" starts with a get-together of german JCI-members and members of Parliament on monday. From tuesday to friday, our members take part in all the different meetings and reunions of the politician and learn to know his or her work in office. Additionally, a general program, arranged by JCI Germany, is offered to the participants: talks with the leaders of each parliamentary party and panel discussions to different topics.


Great project to establish direct contact with politicians; very careful planning and a good cooperation with parties etc. is essential - as well as clear guidelines for all participants.

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